Natalya Gulkina: I Saw Myself On TV And Seemed To Myself A Woman-square Of Incredible Size

Natalya Gulkina: I Saw Myself On TV And Seemed To Myself A Woman-square Of Incredible Size
Natalya Gulkina: I Saw Myself On TV And Seemed To Myself A Woman-square Of Incredible Size

Video: Natalya Gulkina: I Saw Myself On TV And Seemed To Myself A Woman-square Of Incredible Size

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Natalia Gulkina, the singer weighed 86 kg, now - 59 kg. In childhood and adolescence, I was terribly thin, I just showed through. Even when she got pregnant, she didn't really get better. In the third month, she weighed only 48 kilograms. The doctors worried about me, asked me to eat. After the second birth, the weight came and went. I have always managed to lose weight quickly. The real problems with the figure began last year, when I turned 50. On the occasion of the anniversary, my body malfunctioned. The endocrinologist told me so: "Natasha, until the end of your life you will fight with your weight." But I was in no hurry to declare war until I saw myself huge on TV. I seemed to myself a woman-square of incredible size. Of course, I know that the screen is improving, but it was not only the camera that screamed about the diet. Many concert outfits became small for me, and those that fit, sat like on a drum. I tried all kinds of diets, but nothing worked. I almost despaired, and then I was invited to participate in the show "I can", where I met my good friend Ruslan Raevsky, and he offered to help me - to organize a reception for me at the center of nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov. I agreed without hesitation. I came to the center, met the doctor, and away we go. I came there every day for at least six hours, just like going to work! I listened to lectures on proper nutrition, learned to keep a diary of losing weight, to count calories.


I liked the system because, in fact, it is not even a diet, but a program for a healthy lifestyle. You need to give up sweet, fatty, fried, alcohol. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water every day, eat six times in small portions. What was difficult was counting calories. Each patient has his own "corridor" of calories, mine - 1000-1200 calories per day. You have to weigh the food, count everything, get on the scales every day, measure your waist, enter everything in your diary. It's a very boring story, but it works.

I'm not a young woman anymore, so the slimmer I get, the younger I look. To do this, you have to restrain yourself in many ways. You can not drink alcohol at all, as it retains fluid in the body. It is important to follow other rules: breakfast should be like a full meal. For example, I love scrambled eggs with tomatoes fried in olive oil. Another great breakfast option is fish, especially red, fish caviar, which contains healthy cholesterol. It is better to exclude white bread from the diet altogether, giving preference to black rather than bread, since they contain an order of magnitude more calories. For lunch I have boiled beets, fresh cucumber and boiled chicken. Dinner is fish. You also need to make it a rule not to drink food with anything, the more sweet compote or juice: if you do this, then the food will not be digested, there may be bloating. The last meal should be light and no later than two hours before bedtime. Better to steam something, such as vegetables.

Everyone noticed my transformation! Friends and colleagues praise, compliment. I myself feel that I have blossomed, prettier, and I enjoy it. I like it so much to myself. Agree, this is very important for any woman.

Is it difficult for me to diet? I am a terrible sweet tooth and sometimes I break down. Recently it was my friend's birthday, and could not resist the goodies. But the next day I did not continue the holiday and returned to the usual menu. I am already so used to eating right that I can glance at the table and immediately calculate what and how much I can eat.

Tatyana Zykina: "Like any Soviet child, she grew up (including breadth) on the classics of Soviet cuisine - fried pies, mayonnaise salads, potatoes." Tatyana Zykina, the singer weighed 83 kg, now - 63 kg I have always been, as they say, inclined to be overweight. That is, not directly "horror-horror" - rather what is now called "body positive". Not morbid obesity, just an ordinary neglected body, not worn out by sports or nutritional discipline. Like any Soviet child, she grew up (including in breadth) on the classics of Soviet cuisine - fried pies, mayonnaise salads, potatoes, bread and butter, sausage. For tea - jam, halva, marshmallows, cookies or waffles. On holidays - buttercream cake. Unfortunately, the feeling of hunger was unfamiliar to me in principle: they ate preventively.

When I began to live separately, I was very discouraged by a calm, prosperous family life in love. When you completely suit your partner, and you indulge in gastronomic passions with pleasure, then in the end you find yourself not that in a deplorable form, but simply completely unaccustomed to discipline. My shape has always been bearable: with a height of 176-177, I weighed 70-73 kg, not thin, but not a "barge" either. I felt absolutely normal. I have never worn miniskirts, for some reason the quality of the body did not bother me. There was no need to impress anyone.

Then a lot in my life changed, I left for Moscow, slowly began to play sports, became a vegan and seemed to enter the rhythm and weight that satisfied me. And then - two pregnancies in a row, long-term breastfeeding, and I found myself at a stable weight of 83 kg. It seemed to me, like all fat people, that I didn't eat anything like that, it was something else. Although in fact, everything almost always rests on nutrition. When I got pregnant, I softened my veganism to vegetarianism, and it seemed to me that it in itself would not allow me to eat away, but it is not. I started to do a lot of cooking, especially "pastry" and bread - endless cheesecakes, eclairs, a bunch of different bread recipes that needed to be rolled in. In short, now I can assume that on average I ate thousands of 3 kilocalories a day.

I played a little bit of sports, but the muscles did not show through from under the fat layer, and therefore there was no incentive to exercise. At some point, I realized that I was disgusting to myself to tears. I could not believe that I had turned into an ordinary loose cow, could not forgive myself for the fact that my husband, a tactful and gentle person, is forced to contemplate this every day, is forced to somehow love, romanticize this picture. The main problem now I see not even in excess weight and not in restrictions on clothing. I even have 500 grams above my norm of weight deposited immediately on my face. That is, the upper eyelids, cheeks, chin - this greatly adds age. The "nasolabials" become deeper, the oval of the face floats, and so on. And, of course, endless dresses to the floor, hiding the complete devastation with legs and booty. Ugly swollen hands, all this does not seem critical, especially because it does not come at once, and you get used to such yourself. But one day I read about eating disorders, realized that this was my topic, and went to a specialist who works with it. It is quite difficult to erase the love of delicious food from the head, but it is possible. The main scourge is food from boredom, not from physical hunger, but from emotional: I want impressions. And this must be fought against. In a year, I lost almost 20 kg, and this completely changed my sense of self: I stopped treating myself like an aunt. I began to afford any clothes And for the first time in my life in 36 years I was able to afford an ordinary denim skirt above the knee - it turned out to be the most comfortable thing!

Nevertheless, I can never relax. With the slightest relaxation, I gain weight back, since the physical form that suits me is apparently unnatural for my body: it tends to its norm, which is 5-8 kg more than I want.Therefore, you have to get used to the feeling of hunger - for me it is a sign that I am normal. If I'm not hungry, I know I'm getting fat.

Now back to veganism; besides, I do not eat sugar, flour, potatoes, bananas and rice. But even on this, you can easily get angry, it's not a problem at all. For me, the optimal thing is to constantly monitor the KBZhU, count calories … This is terribly annoying, but otherwise I start to sort out slowly. I go in for sports, I try not to dramatize the gained kilogram. I try to accept, come to terms with the tendency to be overweight as an incurable disease. Asthmatics, diabetics are forced to constantly live in their own discipline, otherwise they may die. I have to constantly control my weight, because otherwise I will again plunge into self-loathing, I will look older and I will not be able to look satisfactory in the clothes that I like. This, of course, is not fatal, but it is a constant unpleasant background, a bad mood, a constant feeling of guilt and shame. I don't want to go back there again.

My top tip is to stop thinking "I don't seem to overeat." There are many excuses, but in the end it almost always comes down to overeating, no matter how sad it is to admit it. Put a calorie counter on your phone, honestly count how much you eat for at least one day, and a lot will become clear. I personally do not advise doing sports with a large amount of excess weight, since you will not see results and will quickly despair. Improve your nutrition, reach your optimal weight - and then work in the gym on the quality of your body. So that the priest does not hang, the muscles on the arms do not dangle, so that there is a beautiful abs, beautiful legs. Only sports will do it.

However, I'm not sure that a perfect body will make a frustrated person happy. This topic is much more complicated than extra pounds. But when you start to live up to your own beauty standards, it makes life very, very much easier.

Yulia Angel: "Four years ago I was a 75-kilogram insecure student of the financial department." Julia Angel - beauty blogger, beauty and health expert Weighed 75 kg, now - 50 kg Four years ago I was a 75-kilogram insecure student of the financial department. Since childhood, I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted: pies, cakes, sweets and other delights of gluttony. Parents were happy: a beautiful girl is growing - blood and milk! Moreover, she is an excellent student, the winner of all kinds of Olympiads and school competitions. As a child I was really cute - not an ugly duckling, but a very plump little one. With a weight slightly over 70, I went to college.

I experienced my first experience of losing weight in my first year - I really wanted to take part in a beauty contest. On relentless diets, I achieved my desired weight and won. Very soon these pounds returned to me with interest - a side effect of most popular diets. It seemed to me then that excess weight did not bother me in any way. Until the first love knocked on my life. I lost my head from a boy from a parallel group, and he did not pay any attention to me - he did not like my curvaceous forms. I was not used to giving up, it became a matter of honor for me to achieve his location. This is how my four-year journey to a perfect figure began. I myself made the diet, every day I diligently entered into my food diary the grams, proteins, fats and carbohydrates eaten. Saw at least 1.5 liters of water per day. I stopped eating flour, sweet, salty, fried … By and large, it was the classic proper nutrition, the rules of which can now be found in every self-respecting glossy magazine. But then I was for myself a healthy lifestyle-Columbus. Each dropped 100 g was a victory for me - day after day, step by step, I approached my dream, my America.

After 70% of the extra pounds had gone, I connected physical activity to the process. At first it was daily (!) Cindy Crawford video tutorials.Later I discovered yoga, Pilates. Now I weigh 50 kg. I carefully monitor my diet and exercise regularly.

Looking back, it seems to me that after losing weight I was born for the second time. Having passed this path, I won kilograms and won a ticket to life. Self-confidence opened up new horizons for me.

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