Massage: Why Without It Food And Sports Are Money Down The Drain

Massage: Why Without It Food And Sports Are Money Down The Drain
Massage: Why Without It Food And Sports Are Money Down The Drain

Video: Massage: Why Without It Food And Sports Are Money Down The Drain

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If keeping fit (or literate weight loss) is considered 100%, how should you distribute your efforts? Nutrition - 60-80%, sports - 20-40%? Sit down, two. Without massage, the formula works with a large margin of error.


Of course, the basis of everything is nutrition. Everything is very simple: on a calorie deficit, you lose weight, on a surplus, you gain. The next step is sports. He is never superfluous. Its task is to tone up the body, from muscles to skin. The tandem of nutrition and sports turns out to be extremely successful: you keep in shape or correct it with maximum efficiency without registration, SMS and sessions with a psychologist with the request "Well, why can't I do anything - I only eat kefir." But still, for complete happiness (and the desired picture), something is missing - the contours are not so even, the skin is flabby, and somewhere asymmetry is visible at all.

Anastasia Zaika, top master and head coach of the massage studio "Along and Across":

“Massage is a way of physical and emotional recovery. With our outrageous pace of life, we consume a huge resource every day. And working to the limit is equal to sacrificing health. The formula for maintaining physical and psychological balance is based on balance, when recovery is commensurate with the load.

In the context of losing weight or keeping fit, nutrition certainly takes the first place, sports come second, and massage should take the third place - 10-15% for sure. At the same time, do not forget about other methods of recovery, such as sleep and relaxation. The pattern is this: the more the load, the more time and effort is required to recover. It turns out that the more often and more intensely you train, the more often you need a massage.

Massage is able to do something that neither nutrition nor sports combined are capable of. Let's say, start the process of regeneration in tissues, and exactly where it is needed.

Typically, people tend to lose weight or gain weight at a running pace rather than a stride, and few follow a scientific approach (read: measured gradual). The body hardly manages to adapt to changes in volumes. A good example is skin, which, when stretched, eventually sags. Massage has been shown to stimulate collagen production. Thanks to this, the collagen framework is reconstructed, the skin tightens and becomes elastic. With muscles, metamorphosis is more difficult. In a simple way: the more stress they endure, the tougher they become. This means that they eat worse and are more susceptible to damage. Myofascial massage will help prepare the body for shock loads.

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Let me give you an illustrative example. Imagine an amateur bodybuilder. In training, it is hard for him, in nutrition there are eternal restrictions and strict accounting, plus the boss at work is not aware that the subordinate, it turns out, is the future Schwarzenegger, and requires him to perform a bunch of functions. Anxiety rises, sleep worsens, and the quality of workouts decreases. Total: hello overtraining! The dream body comes at the cost of worsening psycho-emotional and physical health. Then where to get a charge of endorphins when the road to the store shelf with sweets is closed? Get directions to the massage studio. After the procedure, serotonin (equal to a feeling of euphoria) and oxytocin (a sense of security) will be released. Competent study of muscles and fascia - and the whole body is renewed, charged with energy."

Dmitry Sorokin, head of education of the massage studio "Along and Across":

“Nevertheless, one cannot get all the benefits with a single massage - it is not enough just to lie on the couch and wait for the magic. The success of any business depends on many factors.It is important not to follow universal instructions, but to analyze and weigh your own conditions. Some have nutritional problems, some lack physical activity, some are genetically unlucky, or simply have health problems. Stress levels and vitamin deficiencies also affect progress.

The only key to success is mindfulness.

Without massage, you reduce the effectiveness of your workouts: trigger points restrict the muscle, reducing range of motion and strength (this may also be associated with a plateau state). Due to the lack of endorphins, food disruptions will become frequent guests. As a gift - a reduced turgor of the skin, which does not keep pace with the changes. And of course, a longer and more difficult path to the result.

Regarding the regularity of massages, everything is individual. In good studios, before the visit, clients are given special questionnaires to determine the main request and physical indicators. Only then can you start discussing an individual massage course. If you rely on scientific data, the peak of the effect after the procedural load occurs on the third day, after which it begins to decline. Therefore, for body shaping, it makes sense to do anti-cellulite massages no more than once every three to four days. To accelerate the effect between them, you can go to lymphatic drainage options that will help you lose weight faster and get rid of puffiness.

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Efficiency is guaranteed: after the first session, the skin and subcutaneous tissue become more elastic and soft, due to the withdrawal of excess fluid, the weight is reduced by one or two kilograms. The long-term effect begins to appear after about the fifth treatment. An important caveat: progress is not associated with burning fat - massage is not capable of that. The effect is expected to be regenerative: the skin is tightened, its structure becomes more uniform.

One massage a week is enough to keep in shape. This mode will suit most. We can say that this is both the minimum and the optimal amount at the same time. If a person leads a very active lifestyle, exercises a lot, loads border or exceed his maximum resources, it is better to walk more often. For such clients, massage turns into an integral and salutary measure. Some may need a restorative (gentle but firm) treatment after almost every workout."


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