New Symptom Of Coronavirus Named

New Symptom Of Coronavirus Named
New Symptom Of Coronavirus Named

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Video: 6 New Symptoms Of Coronavirus Have Been Found | NewsMo 2023, February

Scientists from University College London and the Royal National Committee have named a new symptom of the coronavirus. According to them, changes in hearing may indicate infection, writes Express.

As the experts found out, some of the patients who were diagnosed with the coronavirus had previously complained of tinnitus - ringing or tinnitus. There have also been cases when in patients who had been ill with COVID-19 in a severe form, this symptom later developed into complete hearing loss.

According to the researchers, despite the fact that there are already quite a lot of works devoted to the coronavirus and the symptoms associated with it, little is known about the hearing impairment it causes. In this regard, they urged doctors to pay more attention to such manifestations of infection.

At the same time, scientists noted that tinnitus can be a sign of other diseases as well. If a person is infected with a coronavirus, most likely, his hearing impairment will be accompanied by other, more common symptoms, experts say.

In August, scientists from the University of Manchester identified hearing problems in patients with coronavirus. Then experts noted that violations in former patients appeared two months after discharge from the hospital.

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