Men Are No Longer Ashamed Of Bottles And Glasses

Men Are No Longer Ashamed Of Bottles And Glasses
Men Are No Longer Ashamed Of Bottles And Glasses

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Well, okay, since it looks like I'm responsible here for senile grumbling (aka “the rattling voice of a generation”) - let's continue our games for the niche audience of “35+ white men”. Today there is such a controversial topic as alcohol.

To begin with, a man does not become an adult from the moment he begins to consume alcohol. And exactly from the moment when he stops in the morning to discuss how he got drunk cool yesterday and what Vasya was saying at the same time, and from which balcony Sema threw the cat out, and which Mercedes he walked in Lesha's shoes, until he was caught by the owner of the Mercedes ".

This whole idiocy is a special sign of an undergrowth of a male gender, not a man, so the buzzers can go to play their Cyberpunk, especially since I heard that it was either given or taken away from you. Well, this is because games are now made by the same armless morons like you. We'll talk here for now.

Because alcohol is the natural lubricant of men's conversation. Moreover, it is an absolutely necessary lubricant, because only then, after a glass, a man begins to unfasten the titanium armor of his heart and the steel pants of other organs. Society, however, requires men to be firm, impenetrable and completely emotionless. This is why men die so quickly. This is not from drinking at all - this is from heart failure, ask the doctors before you tell this nonsense about men.

This is proved by one single fact: since the times of the USSR, alcohol has become of a completely different quality - much cleaner, richer and more cultured, moreover, they began to drink much less, because there are more activities and work to their liking. And they did not die from the heart at all. This is generally the favorite pastime of a Russian adult man - to die of a broken heart.

I can tell you about the quality of alcohol on a scale of at least 1: 365, if only because I was not only an attentive witness to the changes in this market since 1990, but also an active participant in the process - from the point of view of public knowledge and ideology.

And wonderful young guys like Tolya Korneev or Maxim Kashirin were involved in the practice, who taught the country to drink democratic Italian wine, dispelling the myth that Russians drink vodka, and Russian nouveau riches are entirely Chateau Margaux.

It was in the 90s that the country learned that the word "port" is not an abusive one, as the harsh practice of schools and institutes suggested to us, that the word "cognac" does not mean a Lokhov brandy made with technological errors and proudly called "cognac".

This was the era of great geographical discoveries. And since this world is finite, then great discoveries have ended. Probably, since then there has been only one velvet revolution - the sliding of Russian men from vodka towards whiskey. The ladies strongly supported her. Because, as it turned out, whiskey, unlike vodka, does not make a person a dumb aggressive bastard, even if you are a dumb aggressive bastard.

It also turned out that the “dram” (a free measure of volume within two or three sips) of whiskey at work ennobles a man, in contrast to even the same volume of vodka, which only your poor alcoholism will give out to the outside world.

And a miracle happened - now even the judges and prosecutors got off the Hennessy and stopped giving it to each other and drinking it in the bathhouse with girls and Viagra. Nowadays, a decent investigative officer freely operates with the concepts of "Highland" and "Speyside", although he is not yet accustomed to be ashamed of his vicious addiction to whiskey with the smell and taste of Russian Railways. Still, men (and we are talking about men, not about drunks) have become much more cultured to drink. With a great cultural background. If the gays here proudly came out of their closet, then the men finally came out of their garages - the alcoholic coming out took place.We have nothing to be ashamed of with our bottle on the table and our Glencairn glass. They are now the embodiment of culture.

And in general, it's not about alcohol, but about rituals. Men's conversations and meetings are a ritual. Alcohol is a must. This is well known to those who, for one reason or another, either reduce consumption, or stop it altogether. As soon as friends come, the hand involuntarily reaches out to pour everyone. Any meeting is to pour. Serious discussion of issues - pour. Just take a rest - pour. It's hard to fight this, I know from myself. But you can. Now I pour it for everyone except myself.

And it's not just about health: alcohol is a powerful tempophage - it devours time, which is already monstrously small. The older men are, the better they understand this. And with regret they look at those who can afford to spend half a day in vain or simply in idleness. And from here follows - careful selection of alcohol, by the way. Why should we waste time on platitudes, when we have not yet read all of Mortlach? That is - not drunk? And liver transplant is a troublesome business.

So, as the small but proud peoples say under the St. Andrew's flag, so close to every Russian sailor - Slainte Mhath! Like "nzdrowje!"

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