Many Women Say That Russian Men Over 35 Are Illiquid And Are Not Needed By Anyone

Many Women Say That Russian Men Over 35 Are Illiquid And Are Not Needed By Anyone
Many Women Say That Russian Men Over 35 Are Illiquid And Are Not Needed By Anyone

Video: Many Women Say That Russian Men Over 35 Are Illiquid And Are Not Needed By Anyone

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Have you met women who would be genuinely disappointed in men? Usually these are women who are simply unlucky enough to meet men who may have abused alcohol or did not have a regular job. There are a lot of such women and all of them very often express their negativity on women's forums, on social networks and so on, hanging the stigma of “losers” on all men at once.


Yesterday, on one of our old articles, an unknown woman left an amusing comment that said that “women over 30 are no longer needed by women, they have become illiquid”, after that we looked at the discussion of this topic on the Russian Internet and were surprised! There are a lot of such topics and discussions! Many women really think so and actively discuss this topic.

Today we decided to discuss this issue by looking at this topic in the largest women's forum and tried to determine whether these harsh statements are true. And also ask our audience what they think about all this:

Screenshot of a dialogue from a large women's forum As you can see, at one of the largest women's forums there are heated conversations that a single man aged 28 and over 35, who in his youth "was not taken apart by women" has long been considered "illiquid". And these are not all the comments, of which there were over a hundred.

Statistics On the forum, women really affirm the fact that there is no demand for single men over 35, and in general there cannot be, if suddenly before his 35 he turned out to be useless to anyone. But, contrary to this female opinion, real statistics tell us the opposite: According to major dating sites, about 45% of women from 18 to 25 years old usually look for men in the age range from 25 to 35 years old, as young and hopeless guys in their opinion will not be able to provide for the family in the best way. And there is logic in this, because in reality, it is at the age of 30 that most men begin to achieve any career heights, open a business and become most ready for a serious relationship.

And even that's not all! 17% of women between the ages of 18 and 25 prefer to search on dating sites for men between the ages of 30 and 40! Of course, this is a small percentage, but in general, these are not such small numbers.

Well, it is logical that the remaining decent percentage of young women between 18 and 25 years old (about 38% of them) are really looking only for young men or their peers for relationships, while they do not even consider men much older than 5 years. Considering all of the above, as well as statistics and research, it becomes quite difficult to agree with the female expression that "a single man over 35 is illiquid." These statements have nothing to do with reality, because 30+ is exactly the age from which many men are just beginning to achieve any heights and become professionals.

Many women fall in love with unsuccessful men themselves, and then complain that all men are the same. Thus, creating a real cult of possible hatred towards men, which on the Internet is only gaining popularity among other offended women. At least in our opinion, this is exactly how it looks from the outside.

What do you think of all this? Share your opinion in the comments.

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