Shock Statistics On Patients With Coronavirus In The Vladimir Region

Shock Statistics On Patients With Coronavirus In The Vladimir Region
Shock Statistics On Patients With Coronavirus In The Vladimir Region

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Video: COVID-19 in Russia: Doctors warn number of cases much higher 2023, February

At a briefing on the current epidemiological situation, Vice Governor Sergei Shevchenko said that 109 million rubles were spent on medicines for outpatients with covid (81 million federal funds and 28 from the regional treasury).


We remember that on

58 million

6000 sets were purchased. So, according to rough estimates), for 109 million we bought 12,000 sets.

Moreover, what exactly was included and is included in the sets remains a secret, since even on


MPs of the Legislative Assembly, the governor did not provide a list of purchases, getting off with a phrase on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. On the other hand, people reported that they


completely different, different from the sets recommended by the federal department. And most of the drugs had to be purchased for personal funds.

Sergei Shevchenko said that for 109 million rubles, medicines were able to provide 315 thousand patients in the 33rd region, who received treatment at home. That is, 346 rubles per patient. Only one very inexpensive drug can fit into this amount, and according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, there are no more than one or two of these in the set. What did the other patients get? And how can 12,000 kits be divided into 315,000 patients? Even if you allocate one drug per patient. There are no 30 drugs in the set for the numbers to match.

But the numbers themselves cause shock. According to the official data of Rospotrebnadzor, at present, in the Vladimir province, it is officially registered


cases of the disease.

Of these, as we have already been explained, almost half of them are treated in a hospital. Where did the 315,000 patients come from? And these are not asymptomatic carriers that do not need to be treated. These are people who have been mild to moderately infected with the coronavirus. Even if we take into account that half of them did not receive confirmation by the PCR test, but only had similar symptoms or confirmed the presence of the disease for M antibodies, there is still a 10-fold gap with the official statistics. And this is only for the last 3 months! And how many had been ill and died in the province before, while there were no kits for treatment at home?

If the figures for the sick, which Shevchenko cited, are correct, then it turns out that 40% of the population has already been ill in the Vladimir region. And all this happened against the background of the total lies of the "white house" about the number of patients and the controlled situation. And people were on their own. Because it is unrealistic to actually divide 12,000 sets by 315,000 people. Even if you try really hard.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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