How To Lose Extra Pounds Without Training

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How To Lose Extra Pounds Without Training
How To Lose Extra Pounds Without Training

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For many women, weight loss is invariably associated with grueling workouts and constant food restrictions. However, few people think about the fact that calories can be spent in other ways. More details about them - in the material of "Rambler".

Sit on the floor

Try to sit on the floor instead of on the couch while watching a TV show or reading a book from time to time. Few know this, but sitting on the floor improves flexibility, posture, and muscle tone. In addition, in this position, more muscles are strained in order to maintain the body in a certain state. In addition to this, you expend energy in order to sit on the floor and get off it.

In 2012, scientists from Brazil conducted a study in which they found that the inability to sit and stand on the floor without using your hands increases the risk of death in old age.

Chew gum

Kathleen Melanson, professor of nutritional science at the University of Rhode Island, studied the effects of sugar-free gum on weight control. When subjects chewed gum for one hour in the morning, they consumed 67 fewer calories at breakfast and did not compensate for them throughout the day.

However, Pauletta Bocol and James Levine of the Mayo Clinic found that chewing gum increases energy use by 11 calories per hour.

Go to energetic music

In 2016, a group of scientists from Italy conducted a study and found that listening to energetic music raises the heart rate faster.

While one group of participants trained on a stationary bike to music at a tempo of 150-170 BPM, another did the same to rhythmic music at a high BPM. Meanwhile, the third group trained in silence. After analyzing the data obtained, the experts found that those exercising with energetic music reached the aerobic zone faster, after which dynamic music helped them maintain their pace and accelerate.

You don't have to exhaust yourself with cardio to burn calories. Sometimes it is enough to go for a walk accompanied by an energetic playlist.

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