Polish Police Use Gas Against Abortion Protesters

Polish Police Use Gas Against Abortion Protesters
Polish Police Use Gas Against Abortion Protesters

Video: Polish Police Use Gas Against Abortion Protesters

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Video: Poland: scuffles erupt as thousands protest against abortion ban 2023, January

WARSAW, January 29 - RIA Novosti. Polish police fired tear gas on pro-abortion protesters in Warsaw on Friday.

As a RIA Novosti correspondent reports, several thousand people are marching in the center of the Polish capital. They are protesting against tougher abortion laws.

The police blocked the convoy's path with cordons several times, but the protesters headed in the other direction.

Then the guards decided to detain a minibus with sound-amplifying equipment, which caused an aggressive reaction from the participants in the march. During the scuffle, law enforcement officers used tear gas. According to the leader of the Strajk Kobiet (Women's Strike) movement, she and the bus driver suffered from the gas.

At present, the protesters continue their rally on Roman Dmovsky Square, from where the Friday march began.

Since 1993, abortion has been banned in Poland. The only exceptions were cases when pregnancy poses a threat to the life or health of a woman, when there is a high likelihood of a severe and irreversible fetal development disorder or an incurable disease that threatens his life, and when the pregnancy arose as a result of a wrongful act.

The Polish Constitutional Court recently published its decision, which reduced the number of reasons for which abortion is allowed. Now, severe violations in the development of the fetus do not give the woman the right to terminate the pregnancy.

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