Found A "healthy" Product That Can Cause Cancer

Found A "healthy" Product That Can Cause Cancer
Found A "healthy" Product That Can Cause Cancer

Video: Found A "healthy" Product That Can Cause Cancer

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In 2018, a study was conducted that caused quite a stir. Scientists have tried to find out if the level of aspartic acid is associated with the spread of cancer cells. As a result of the study, it turned out that this substance, contained in a healthy product, contributes to the development of breast cancer.

The scientists note that the experiment was conducted on a laboratory-grown breast tumor in mice that do not have an immune system. The results showed that if cancer cells can produce asparagine, then the tumor is more likely to spread. Asparagine is an essential amino acid. However, research shows that people whose cells had the best ability to produce it had higher mortality rates.

Most of this substance is found in asparagus. It is considered a healthy vegetable as its stems contain folate, iron, fiber, potassium, zinc, vitamins E, C, A, K, antioxidants, and more. Thus, asparagus can potentially slow tumor growth thanks to saponins, phytochemicals also found in beans, herbs and vegetables. It is noted that they can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reports Verywell Health.

Earlier, "Profile" talked about the vitamin, which can help in the prevention of cancer. Dr. van Tulleken spoke about a new study by scientists from Harvard University. It showed that regular vitamin D intake can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

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