The Same Damn Roulette As The Covid Itself! How Do People Of Saratov (and Not Only) Feel About Coronavirus Vaccinations

The Same Damn Roulette As The Covid Itself! How Do People Of Saratov (and Not Only) Feel About Coronavirus Vaccinations
The Same Damn Roulette As The Covid Itself! How Do People Of Saratov (and Not Only) Feel About Coronavirus Vaccinations

Video: The Same Damn Roulette As The Covid Itself! How Do People Of Saratov (and Not Only) Feel About Coronavirus Vaccinations

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Now in the Saratov region about five thousand people have been vaccinated against covid. And the queue for vaccination, according to officials of the Ministry of Health, is more than the number of doses of vaccine delivered to the region (two types of vaccines are still available to the Russians: Sputnik V from the Gamaleya Institute and EpiVacCovid from the Vector Institute). Soon, the ministry promises to close this need: by the end of the month another 35 thousand doses of the vaccine will come to the region, and by the end of February - 130 thousand doses. Judging by polls in social networks, the overwhelming majority of Saratov residents are not ready to get vaccinated.

We asked Facebook users (both Saratov residents and residents of other cities of the world took part in the survey), how they feel about vaccination, whether they will be vaccinated. And if so, what and why?

Alina Guseva, Saratov:

- I won't be vaccinated yet, and maybe I won't. Moreover, our vaccine, which is rumored to be valid for no more than six months.

I had a mild form of covid, the diagnosis was not confirmed, the test was negative two weeks after the onset of the disease (I believe that it was taken with a delay and incorrectly). No smell for a month and a half. The fact that it was a covid, I have no doubt: all the symptoms are the same. I believe that before getting vaccinated, you need to be sure that you are not sick / have not been ill already, and for this you must definitely do an antibody test, which is paid, and which is not necessary to do according to the protocol of this vaccination. It is not right.

The problem is that the vaccine is free, and the antibody test is already from 1200 rubles, I found out. It’s expensive to donate somehow, especially if you do it periodically.

Ilya Darkov, Saratov:

- I will definitely take root. As soon as the opportunity arises, I will inject Sputnik V, since there is neither Pfizer nor modernity in Russia now. And then it will be seen. Sputnik V works no worse or better than other vector vaccines. True, Putin and his team spoiled his reputation a little by announcing the end of the tests ahead of time. I think the developers from the Gamaleya Institute were as surprised as ours when they heard this.

Nadezhda Zykova, Saratov:

- Tomorrow I have a second vaccination. It's okay.

Olga Bakutkina, Saratov:

- I'll wait for now. Old me, I'm afraid.

Evgeny Viskov, Moscow:

- Considering that we were ill with the whole family and some remnants of antibodies in our bodies are still wandering, until we decided not to do it. As the wise rat said, "early, not yet tested on humans." Yes, let them call me a vaccine gourmet, but I want to have a choice, or at least an illusion of it. At least between the Hamaleis and the vector vaccine. Again, there is no guarantee that those entering the EU will not need a Pfizer or Moderna vaccination. As for pfizer skepticism, I remember very well the difference between their bourgeois diflucan and their relatives, birch fluconazole and flucostat, in which everything was fine, except that they forgot to add the active ingredient there, approximately like hawthorn extract in Bryntsal's hawthorn tincture.

Olga Chuvashkina, Saratov:

- In short: great madness to be vaccinated in the midst of an epidemic. To exclude the possibility of infection before and after vaccination, it is necessary to have a single hopper. And live in it for a month. And in principle, it's not a very good idea to inject yourself with a covid vaccine, even with a bunker, or without. Any vaccination weakens the immune system, and if you catch some infection on this weakened immunity, you get an animal cocktail.

I believe that getting vaccinated in the midst of an epidemic is at least illogical and dangerous. And vaccination is the same damn roulette as the covid itself. Someone will be lucky, but alas, someone

Inna Maksimova, Krasnoarmeysk:

- I won't get vaccinated. This vaccine has not completely passed all the studies (there are a lot of rumors about this). Anyway, the immune system itself must fight viruses.

My friend from Germany has taken root. There they were all forced to be vaccinated without fail. There was no particular choice. Like, it is necessary to get vaccinated with the German vaccine as soon as possible, otherwise the Russian and American competitors will come out soon! A friend keeps me updated on how she feels after the vaccine. So far, he says, the injection site only hurts very much.

I, frankly, will not even be invited for a vaccination. In our clinic they know and dislike me. We, in fact, have been ill with covid with the whole family. I turned to the head physician for help, and even then I realized that nobody needed us: he said - you have a covid at the clinic. And since they did not take us the test - they say, we have been sick for a long time - all the drugs are at our own expense.

Diana Eremina, Fethiye, Turkey:

- We vaccinate the Chinese, there are priorities: who is the first, who is the second, and so on. When it comes to young healthy foreigners, I don’t know, but as soon as it comes, I’ll immediately go for the vaccination!

Elena Sergun, Saratov:

- I will not be categorically vaccinated with a satellite. I do not believe in a vaccine registered without following all stages of testing. There are too many policies around this vaccine. Therefore, no. I have never been vaccinated against the flu, but I also don’t remember being sick with it in the last 15 years. I comply with all the requirements of epidemiological safety, I wear an FFP3 mask, I consider covid a real danger. If there is a question about vaccination as a basis for obtaining a Schengen visa, I will look for an opportunity to be vaccinated by Pfizer. Let for the money.

Vladimir Chernyshev, Saratov:

- I get vaccinated against the flu. The vaccine is always ours, more often influenza, less often sovigrippa, it works normally. At work, some colleagues have already been vaccinated against covid with the EpiVacCorona vaccine, and they feel fine. We will find out the result, of course, later.

I, too, will definitely take root. But I got sick in October, now there are no antibodies anymore. But I will wait a little longer and take root at the end of February.

Kirill Gorshenin, Saratov:

- I will be vaccinated. Ideally, I would like to be vaccinated with a vaccine against Arcturus, but Biontech-Pfizer will be the norm. In fact, only Sputnik V is shining this year.

Hannah Sabra, Ramat Gan, Israel:

- If Sputnik had no alternative, I would have taken it too. There is Pfizer - I'll get vaccinated as soon as possible (now citizens over 45 are vaccinated here).

But Saratov is far away.

Pavel Lepestkin, Saratov:

- There are plans for the vaccination. Tired of hiding at home

Olga Alimova, Saratov-Moscow. State Duma deputy:

- I'm not yet ready to conduct such experiments on my body

Margarita Neroda, Saratov. Journalist:

- I will be vaccinated. I was puzzled only by the fact that for fifteen years I had not been in the clinic. Frightens that I will be sent before vaccination in all circles of hell. Without fluorography according to the policy, even a tooth will not be immediately cured.

Yana Fedukina, Saratov. Doctor of the covid hospital:

- I will vaccinate as soon as the covid antibodies leave my body. I'm not afraid of vaccinations. All the familiar side effects are not vaccinated.

Alexey Boyarkin, Auckland, New Zealand:

- We will try to avoid vaccinations, especially since the New Zealand government will consider the issue of vaccinations in six months. And then a lot can become clear. The doctors they know say they won't be vaccinated. The coronavirus is no stronger and no more dangerous than the flu of medium strength, it was there before, and was written off in the acute respiratory disease. It is enough to check the statistics. This is a panic raised in order to massively cheat national budgets.

Irina Likhoman, Saratov. Journalist:

- In the polyclinic at the tenth hospital in Saratov, citizens are invited for vaccination tomorrow. But. BUT! This medical facility is one of the few in Saratov where they first take a blood test for antibodies. Not that “the doctor will talk to you, find out everything there,” namely, first they take an analysis, and according to its result they already decide whether you need a vaccination or not.I do not praise the "top ten", because I know that the analyzes there are confused every other time, but the fact itself! I was sick with covid in early October, in November the titer was 10. I think it’s less now. For the sake of permission to fly to Europe, dear to my heart, I will inject at least a bald devil! If they are allowed to enter Europe only with the Pfizer vaccine, I will look for an opportunity to get the German vaccine. I hope that by the summer of this year, a foreign vaccine will appear in private clinics in Saratov (even if Samara or Penza - I will go there), which will serve as a "pass" to Europe … I got used to closed borders, which is now ready for any "kandibobers".

By the way, doctors I know told me that when the management ordered them to be vaccinated with "Sputnik", they threw away the vaccine, and in the reports they wrote that they were vaccinated. We, they say, have already been ill with covid, and we are forced to vaccinate with the devil with what. And even antibodies are not tested. I am not against vaccination, I am against vaccinations, it is not clear what, without a study of the antibody titer.

Andrey Venediktov, Saratov:

- I am very afraid of white coats, I will not go anywhere. I have never done the flu, and have never been ill. And then a ride, I guess.

Elizaveta Rudenko, Saratov. Psychologist:

- I will not be vaccinated and I do not advise anyone:

1. The virus itself has not yet been isolated (does not correspond to Koch's postulates), so there is no basis for making a vaccine.

2. There is no normal diagnostic method. PCR lies, antibodies prove little. Everything is based on guesswork. I love the scientific approach.

3. I read the list of side effects.

4. Studied the topic of vaccination, and she personally suffered from DPT vaccination (adsorbed pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine - ed.).

5. In which case, the manufacturer of the vaccine does not owe you anything, and the state will pay you 1000 a month if you survive …

6. I was ill with covid for three days. I know my body, and I'm not ready to poison it.

Anton Hejjjer, Krakow, Poland. Programmer:

- I signed up for the Polish health portal. They will send an electronic referral for vaccination when it’s my turn. There are about 12-20 million people in line in front of me. Based on my age and absence of diseases, the calculator on the site said that I would be vaccinated approximately between August 2021 and December 2021. This is in the event that 800 thousand citizens will be vaccinated per month.

Why vaccinate? I want Bill Gates to finally chip me and manage me, I myself am no longer taking it out.

Philip Kochetkov, Saratov:

- I will not be vaccinated.

1. I am afraid to inject drugs that have not passed many years of testing. In the "dock era" it was no secret that any paltry pill is tested for almost ten years before it is allowed to be sold. And here I am offered to voluntarily inject myself with something that has not been tested on anyone, because two or three months of observing volunteers is not a period.

2. I do not consider coronavirus infection more dangerous than ordinary SARS or flu. For almost a year now, no one has been able to name me a single argument that would confirm the opposite.

3. I fully trust my immunity. I admit that I have already been ill with coronavirus in a mild form, and more than once, as they get sick with ordinary ARVI.

As for the restrictions that some are trying to introduce for the unvaccinated … Yes, I saw Europe in a coffin, into which you can only fly out with a "yellow patch" on your clothes! Been there in more reasonable times, and more than once, and not only in Europe.

Anastasia Cherabaeva, Saratov. Entrepreneur:

- I will not be vaccinated in any case. Vaccinations against respiratory infections have not been proven to be effective and safe. And to be vaccinated with a now not studied vaccine is to be a participant in an experiment, a guinea pig. The consequences of vaccinations can occur several years later in the form of autoimmune diseases, more serious than seasonal ARVI. With such persistence with which the vaccine is planted, it can be assumed that it will benefit not the vaccinated, but pharmaceutical companies and supporters of global totalitarianism.

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