This Can Seriously Shake Up Humanity: The Doctor Spoke About The Problem More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

This Can Seriously Shake Up Humanity: The Doctor Spoke About The Problem More Dangerous Than Coronavirus
This Can Seriously Shake Up Humanity: The Doctor Spoke About The Problem More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

Video: This Can Seriously Shake Up Humanity: The Doctor Spoke About The Problem More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

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The greatest danger to mankind is not posed by new viruses, but by antibiotic resistance, which can make the habitual diseases that we have already learned to cure deadly. Such a statement in a conversation with "Vechernyaya Moskva" was made by a general practitioner, clinical pharmacologist, candidate of medical sciences Andrei Kondrakhin.


American entrepreneur Bill Gates believed that if humanity is lucky, then the next pandemic should be expected in 20 years, otherwise it could hit the world in three years.

- If we exclude conspiracy issues, then a big question arises about the expertise of Bill Gates. Why do IT people make up history in our country? - asked Kondrakhin. - Some time ago, they made a calculation and found out that various viral problems in mankind arise with a step of a hundred years: flu, plague, smallpox. Of course, one cannot refer to this, because the calculation is rather rough, but nevertheless we have such statistics at our disposal. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that any viral infection is a challenge for humanity, it is extremely difficult to control it. At the same time, any virus occupies a niche for the one that has already left. They seem to be changing places, that is, it is quite possible that after we take control of COVID-19, another disease will come, which we did not pay attention to.

The rapid spread of coronavirus is in many ways a problem of globalization, people have become too easy to move between continents, too close and often communicate with each other. This could easily trigger a new pandemic:

- The same coronavirus of one type can be exchanged for another coronavirus. Conventionally, it was Chinese, it will become Australian. It is possible that the disease is incubated on the territory of one country. The population will become susceptible to treatment, but if one such patient comes to another country and infect the locals, it will turn into a serious pandemic, because the inhabitants of other continents simply did not have time to get used to the new virus.

According to the physician, candidates for participation in the new epidemic may be the flu, familiar to us, adenoviruses, among which there are a number of deadly ones:

- Now we will take control of the covid, we will help immunity with vaccinations, and this is great. One side. On the other hand, we stop paying attention to other diseases that remain serious. Scientists seem to have learned how to deal with them. But due to the fact that the immune system is in constant tone, the strength to resist these familiar viruses may no longer be enough. That is, in order to cause a new pandemic, the virus does not even need to mutate. We might just get it out of control by overloading the body with treatments for other diseases.

And here lies another problem: people are too used to and love to be treated with antibiotics. They are used by doctors to treat covid and other diseases. During the epidemic, many began to self-medicate, sweeping all available drugs off the shelves, even without symptoms of the disease. All this already now leads to the fact that diseases that humanity has already learned to treat are becoming fatal:

- We are talking, of course, about antibiotic resistance. It is quite possible that a superbug will appear, which does not even have to be transmitted, just the patients will die from the fact that the usual means no longer work. This, for example, happens with the bacteria that cause pneumonia. She kills the elderly, because of this, they even specially created a vaccine for pneumonia.Tuberculosis also has resistant bacteria - it is almost impossible to cure them. There are problems with Pseudomonas aeruginosa - this is a hospital problem - and with Staphylococcus aureus. This is today's problem, not tomorrow. If antibiotic resistance begins en masse, then this can shake up humanity greatly.

Kondrakhin concluded that, most likely, a pandemic caused by a virus does not threaten the world in the near future - such cases are too rare. The real problem that raises extremely serious concerns is the fascination of humanity with antibiotics, which makes many bacteria resistant to treatment.

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