Mishustin Appreciated The Work Of FMBA

Mishustin Appreciated The Work Of FMBA
Mishustin Appreciated The Work Of FMBA

Video: Mishustin Appreciated The Work Of FMBA

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Video: Михаил Мишустин говорил о целом ряде новых экономических мер для Курильских островов. 2023, February

MOSCOW, December 30 - RIA Novosti. All federal medical institutions of the Russian Federation, despite the difficulties, are now provided with blood components, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency is working on means of combating coronavirus almost around the clock, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"What is very important, you are also engaged in the preparation of blood, blood plasma, including antikidny. And despite all the difficulties, the difficult situation, all federal medical institutions are provided with blood components," Mishustin said on Wednesday at a meeting with the head of FMBA Veronika Skvortsova.

He mentioned that she has been the head of the agency for almost a year now and led it at a difficult time when the coronavirus epidemic began.

"I know that the agency is working almost around the clock on all components of the fight against coronavirus. More than 1.5 million tests have been performed, and all means to increase immunity and fight against coronavirus are being actively developed," the prime minister added.

The latest data on the situation with COVID-19 in Russia and the world are presented on the stopcoronavirus.ru portal.

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