Myasnikov Named The Most Useful Product

Myasnikov Named The Most Useful Product
Myasnikov Named The Most Useful Product

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Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov named the most useful product. According to him, nuts can provide incredible benefits to the body.

The physician emphasized that this product contains many useful trace elements. Nevertheless, it should be added to the diet in moderation. The fact is that nuts themselves are very high in calories. In addition, an overabundance of any substances can not only not be beneficial, but also cause harm.

Nuts have it all. The most useful product in all respects, - said Myasnikov on the air of "Russia 1".

The specialist emphasized that nuts, especially pine nuts, are a source of zinc - one of the most important and deficient micronutrients for many people. Also, their use replenishes the body's need for selenium and chromium. When the body lacks chromium, a person constantly craves sweets. Thus, a handful of nuts will not only allow you to get all the necessary substances, but also keep your figure. The main thing, in this case, is to observe the measure.

Earlier wrote that the TV presenter and head physician of the Moscow City Hospital 71, Alexander Myasnikov, explained why the flu for humanity could be much more dangerous than the coronavirus. According to him, during the coronavirus pandemic, no one "canceled" the flu, in some cases they can be infected at the same time. He also commented on the mortality statistics from the coronavirus. In his opinion, it may not be entirely accurate, since they do not have time to take into account many people who have been ill, including those who are asymptomatic.

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