Experts Suggest Vitamin D May Help Fight COVID-19

Experts Suggest Vitamin D May Help Fight COVID-19
Experts Suggest Vitamin D May Help Fight COVID-19

Video: Experts Suggest Vitamin D May Help Fight COVID-19

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Video: Vitamin D & COVID-19 Prevention Expert Q&A 2023, January

Scientists are showing great interest in the beneficial effects of vitamin D, L'essentiel reports. According to some studies, it protects covid patients from severe forms of the disease. Based on this observation, a group of 73 experts recommend giving it to the French population.

Obviously, this is not about replacing vaccines, but according to these experts, vitamin D is an additional weapon that can be used in existing protection against the virus, especially for the elderly and / or people at risk.

According to the publication, a growing body of scientific research shows that this substance appears to have a protective effect against infection, especially against its most serious forms.

“It could be another weapon against covid, it would be a shame not to use it,” explains Professor Cedric Annweiler, head of the geriatrics department at Angers University Hospital, on the Franceinter website.

A French study found that older adults who regularly receive vitamin D supplements have a 90% reduction in the risk of developing severe disease if they become infected, according to the material.

Vitamin D is found in fish, milk, eggs. Sun, which is sorely lacking in winter, helps to reduce its deficit. According to various studies, half of the French population is deficient in vitamin D (in older people, this proportion rises to 80-90%). It also comes in the form of oral nutritional supplements. In any case, check with your doctor, the authors warn.

The Russian edition of Meduza has previously analyzed the data according to which vitamin D may be useful in the treatment of coronavirus. “In short, on the one hand, there is now no reason to take vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of covid. On the other hand, it may be worth accepting for other reasons,”the journalists noted. In any case, you should not take more doses without consulting a specialist: this can lead to an excess of calcium and damage to the kidneys, heart, and blood vessels.

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