Tinkov Said He Was Leaving Business

Tinkov Said He Was Leaving Business
Tinkov Said He Was Leaving Business

Video: Tinkov Said He Was Leaving Business

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Video: Олег Тиньков | Эксклюзивное интервью из Лондона | Бизнес, болезнь и благотворительность 2023, February

Oleg Tinkov, a Russian entrepreneur and founder of Tinkoff Bank, said that he was "retiring" and would no longer do business. According to him, he will now focus on other tasks, including the fund for the fight against leukemia, which he himself has been fighting for more than a year.

He made his statement on the air of the social network Clubhouse, Forbes reports.

To be honest, I no longer have the motivation to do business. I'm retired, - said Tinkov.

He added that he changed his approach to life after he almost died twice. For now, the businessman will remain a shareholder in Tinkoff Bank, where he sometimes “oversees marketing”. He also intends to relaunch his YouTube show, Business Secrets.

At the moment, Forbes estimates Tinkov's fortune at $ 4.5 billion.

Earlier NEWS.ru reported that in January 2021, Tinkov spoke about complications after bone marrow transplantation. The 53-year-old banker said he was still being treated and would probably continue therapy until summer. The banker still has not changed his blood type, despite the fact that "the bone marrow is 100% German."

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