Vitamin Droppers: Pros And Cons

Vitamin Droppers: Pros And Cons
Vitamin Droppers: Pros And Cons

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Vitamin droppers: pros and cons


Vitamin droppers are a popular way to replenish missing micronutrients in the body. Both stars and models do this procedure, but is it safe and what you need to know before deciding to do it, what tests to take, are there any contraindications? These and other questions were answered by Maria Migaeva, a cosmetologist, a trichologist-dermatologist, an expert at the Galivatsia clinic.

Maria Migaeva is a trichologist-dermatologist, a cosmetologist and an expert of the clinic "Galivation"

What is intravenous vitamin supplementation? How is it different from the usual one?

Intravenous intake of vitamins is when we do a drip or infusion (infusion), but most often a drip, that is, intravenously. The route of administration of the drug is not associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

The difference from the usual intake of vitamins is that in order to achieve a quick, more intense effect, if, for example, the digestibility or bioavailability in the body is impaired, it is impossible to take the drugs in tablets.

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How to prepare for IV vitamins so that everything goes well? What tests do I need to take before?

Consultation with a doctor, diagnostics, testing, taking anamnesis, selecting the right doses. The advantage of intravenous medication is that the administration of drugs is under the supervision of a doctor. And you can either forget the pills, or drink a stronger dose.

A general blood test, biochemistry, vitamin fractions are given. You can also use genetic tests to track the lack of certain vitamins and not overdose.

Plus balance, because some vitamins are compatible with each other, and some are not. You can adjust the concentration, dosage, it's all so individual.

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How is intravenous vitamin intake going?

These are intravenous infusions, prescribed by a doctor, that deliver certain nutrient mixes directly into the bloodstream for rapid impact.

What are the contraindications for intravenous vitamin intake? Why might it be unsafe?

Any health-related procedure requires caution. For example, in March 2018, model Kendall Jenner was hospitalized due to intravenous administration of vitamins - her body gave an ambiguous reaction. Consultation with a specialist is required.

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What are the benefits of taking intravenous vitamins?

I say yes to vitamin and mineral droppers, because:

it is support for the regulation of metabolism, assimilation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates through intravenous cable administration of the drug, which instantly enters the body and is absorbed by 90% of its total amount (as opposed to, for example, tablets);

this method excludes overdose (since it is appointed by a specialist in a specialized institution and is carried out by trained medical personnel after preliminary diagnosis);

it is possible to adjust the doses (the patient regularly visits his doctor, talks about the condition, being under observation and assessment of the condition);

individual approach due to the latest modern diagnostic methods (genetic testing).

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I say no to droppers when:

insufficient diagnostic route before prescribing therapy for intravenous drip of drugs;

the procedure is performed outside a specialized institution, not by a specialist, in case of non-observance of the rules and norms of asepsis, antiseptics

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