Peskov Denies Connection Between Navalny's Investigation And The Cancellation Of His Briefing

Peskov Denies Connection Between Navalny's Investigation And The Cancellation Of His Briefing
Peskov Denies Connection Between Navalny's Investigation And The Cancellation Of His Briefing

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the cancellation of a daily briefing for journalists after the release of an investigation by politician Alexei Navalny about a secret group of murderers in the FSB. According to him, these events are not related.

This is not so, - he answered the question of the journalists of the publication "Rise" about whether the cancellation of the briefing is connected with the release of Navalny's investigation.

The representative of the head of state added that he was preparing for the press conference of President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, representatives of various publications reported that Peskov had canceled events at which they wanted to ask him about Navalny's investigation. The briefings were supposed to take place on December 15 and 16 - such events are held by the representative of the head of state every weekday.

Putin's big press conference will take place on December 17 at 12:00 Moscow time.

Earlier, Alexei Navalny said that over the past two years, a group of FSB officers tried to kill him several times. He published the names and photographs of these people. According to him, a secret group is working in the department, which includes doctors and chemists. They not only made several attempts on the life of the oppositionist himself, but also once almost killed his wife Yulia.

According to him, these people flew after him on all trips across Russia. Some traveled on the same planes, some took off earlier. According to the politician, the decision to kill him was made after his announcement of his intention to run for president in 2016.

The oppositionist noted that the investigation was carried out by the Bellingcat group together with the Insider publication, and Navalny's team joined him at the final stage.

The politician spent a month on treatment at the Berlin clinic Charité, where he was flown by an ambulance plane on August 22. Prior to that, he had been in the Omsk hospital for two days, being hospitalized from an urgently landed passenger airliner en route from Tomsk to Moscow. The oppositionist spent more than two weeks in a coma, on September 23 he was discharged from the clinic. He noted that he would remain in Germany until his full recovery, as he fears that upon returning to Russia he may not receive qualified assistance, and the authorities will forbid him to leave the country again.

German doctors determined that the politician had been assassinated with a substance from the Novichok group. The international community demanded that Russia investigate the incident. However, the Russian law enforcement agencies did not initiate a criminal case into the incident, wrote.

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