Russians Warned Of The Threat Of A New Deadly Epidemic

Russians Warned Of The Threat Of A New Deadly Epidemic
Russians Warned Of The Threat Of A New Deadly Epidemic

Video: Russians Warned Of The Threat Of A New Deadly Epidemic

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An outbreak of tuberculosis may occur in Russia next year, warned


The chief phthisiatrician of the Far East, Pavel Fadeev, warned the Russians that a new deadly epidemic could emerge in Russia next year.

This, according to him, is about tuberculosis. As the specialist explained, in recent years the epidemiological situation with tuberculosis has improved in the country. This was due to the expansion of preventive measures. However, this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was necessary to limit medical examination, RIA Novosti reports.

“In the Far East, the number of preventive examinations has decreased by 35%. If now by the end of the year it is possible to reach the rate of medical examination by 60%, it will be very good,”explained Fadeev.

At the same time, doctors are convinced that this will lead to incomplete identification of the sick and, as a consequence, the spread of tuberculosis by those people who are not diagnosed and treated on time.

“At the initial stages, tuberculosis practically does not manifest itself in any way and it will be possible to detect it only with the help of fluorography. That is, we expect an increase in tuberculosis patients at the expense of these people who did not undergo medical examination on time and did not undergo fluorography,”the doctor said.

Another source of the increase in the incidence of tuberculosis, according to Fadeev, is people who have undergone coronavirus. Especially those with more than 50% lung damage.

“Those who have been ill with COVID-19 have fibrotic changes in their lungs. It is much easier for the causative agent of tuberculosis to penetrate into the affected lungs. If the lungs are healthy lungs, the risk of contracting tuberculosis is minimal. The danger arises from several factors - a strong decrease in immunity, stress, smoking, alcohol abuse and an asocial lifestyle. If these factors are absent and a person has healthy lungs, then the likelihood of contracting tuberculosis is minimal,”the phthisiatrician summed up, advising Russians to do fluorography once.

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