Balancing At Home: 5 Reasons To Train Balance

Balancing At Home: 5 Reasons To Train Balance
Balancing At Home: 5 Reasons To Train Balance

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We look with delight at an equilibrist in a circus or at a clown who performs complex acrobatic stunts, standing with one leg on a taut string: it really looks graceful and very beautiful. But few people think that such an art, with proper training, is available to any of us. Moreover, the ability to catch and keep balance is simply necessary in various life situations.


We tell you when, to whom and why you need to train balance.

1. Protection against injury

Our body works on reflexes that can and should be developed, brought to automatism - in this case, they will help in case of an extreme situation. If you slipped on the ice or stumbled in the dark, a heavy thing slipped out of your hands, or a child escaped, and you need to quickly reach for him - all these actions require coordination of movements and quick reactions. Resilience, or the ability to group muscles to fall safely, is developed through long balance training.

Slacklining, or sling walking, is a unique and endlessly interesting balance trainer. It is a sling stretched between two supports. The sling is usually made of polyester or nylon and comes in a variety of lengths and widths. The length of the tape can be from 15 to 30 meters, the width of the sling is from 25 to 50 millimeters. Slackline classes are shown to those who need to train the vestibular apparatus - that is, in fact, to all of us. The body during exercise is on an unstable support, so you have to learn to group muscles in order to maintain balance.

Most often, slackline is used in nature or in the country, but you can train balance on a sling and at home by installing a floor stand.

Slackline is a simulator that will be interesting at any age. Classes on it increase coordination, help improve posture and physical fitness. Slackline is also amazing entertainment that will get more and more interesting as soon as you start making your first successes.

2. Improving sports performance

Professional athletes know very well that, in general, performance improves if coordination and balance exercises are added to the usual profile load. It is no coincidence that figure skaters, swimmers and athletes always find time to practice yoga, for example - balance is very important for sports victories.

3. Strengthening muscles

With any, even the most diverse fitness program, specific muscle groups are involved. At the same time, those that are located at a depth may find themselves at rest - first of all, the superficial and broad muscles are used. Balance and balance exercises require full body engagement - even athletes are surprised to find that after such a workout, they work those deep muscles that they did not know about.

A simple and very effective balance board trainer will help to strengthen muscles at any age. The line includes several types in shape (you can make a simulator to order for specific purposes). The trainer is perfect for warm-up or preparation for various sports - for example, speed skating, skiing, surfing and others that require increased concentration and the ability to keep balance.

The design is very simple, it consists of a roller and a board - and the result is visible after a couple of sessions.

It is convenient to store such a simulator at home or take it with you for a walk or workout, it is lightweight and compact.

Bright design and eco-friendly materials will make exercising on the simulator enjoyable and useful for adults and children, and the variety of exercises will work out all muscle groups - this will make training fun and effective.

4. Acceleration of reaction speed in a critical situation

Mental and physical health are always linked. Let's remember the legendary Bruce Willis, who managed to react in a matter of a fraction of a second to any danger. It is clear that the development of such a reaction takes years of hard training, but even after a couple of months of balance exercises, you can see that not only physical indicators have improved, but also the speed of thinking.

5. Making decisions becomes easier and less time consuming.

In order to balance, you need to be constantly focused on the moment. This is a very useful skill for any area of ​​life - in order to solve any issue, from the very important to the trivial, you need to focus on it and not let your left thoughts distract you. This is akin to dynamic meditation - it is believed that a person who has fully mastered the skill of being here and now is capable of great accomplishments.

Effective balance machines can be purchased from the Forbalance online store. Here you can find everything you need to develop the balance of yourself and your loved ones. The simulators are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. There are goods for adults and children - go to the site, choose the simulator that suits you and specify the terms of payment and delivery.

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