How Bad Are Flat Shoes In Winter And How To Help Your Feet

How Bad Are Flat Shoes In Winter And How To Help Your Feet
How Bad Are Flat Shoes In Winter And How To Help Your Feet

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No matter what fashion experts say, ugg boots have long and firmly established themselves in the wardrobe of Russian (and not only) girls. Because they are comfortable and warm. However, after wearing such shoes daily, you may notice discomfort in your feet. We figured out with an expert why this is happening and how to help our own footsteps.

Sergey Aleksutov orthopedic traumatologist, podiatrist of the first professional network of orthopedic salons ORTEKA

Why do our legs get tired

Trying to determine the cause of a headache, you will never think that tired legs, or rather feet, can cause it. They account for the main daily load, they support the entire musculoskeletal system, being the foundation of the body. If we do not take care of the health of our feet, do not take the necessary preventive measures, we will cause irreparable harm to our health in general, and our general well-being will worsen.

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Discomfort in the legs, heaviness, pain and corns (dry calluses) are alarming signals that indicate an incorrect increased load on certain parts of the foot. Often these symptoms are caused by poorly selected shoes: high-heeled shoes or, conversely, with flat soles, shoes that are too narrow. All this complicates the work of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus. An incorrectly distributed load during walking contributes to the curvature of the spine, deformation of the joints of the legs, the development of back pain, varicose veins and even the appearance of a headache. The arches of the feet begin to decrease, the feet themselves, because of this, become flatter. If measures are not taken in time, they can deform. Among the most common pathologies are flat feet, hallux valgus ("bone") and heel spur.

Ugg boots have long settled in the wardrobe of celebrities. In the photo: Irina Shayk GlobalLookPress

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Which is less dangerous: ugg boots or high heels?

In both cases, the feet are subjected to improper loading, which is dangerous for the body. Narrow shoes with high heels or without them at all complicate the work of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus and increase the risk of developing diseases. Because of the high heels, the center of gravity shifts, which increases the load on the feet by 5-6 times, the pressure on the toes increases, corns appear, and the risk of developing flat feet increases. The knees are under the blow - the possibility of arthrosis increases.

When wearing flat shoes (the same ugg boots in winter, sandals in summer), the heels lose their shock-absorbing function while walking, impacts on the surface fall on the arches of the foot. Due to the lack of proper support, overstrain of the muscles, lower leg and lower back occurs, which can lead to the development or progression of flat feet, arthrosis of the joints of the foot.

Improperly fitted footwear is one of the main reasons for the development of flat feet. With the abuse of high-heeled shoes, flat-soled shoes, your feet cannot function normally as support and movement. Due to the incorrectly distributed load, the feet change, and pathologies arise. In addition, flat feet can be caused by occupational activity if it is associated with constant standing. Pregnancy, excess weight, a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to the development of flat feet. If one of the parents suffers from this pathology, it is important to monitor the condition of the child's feet, since flat feet are often hereditary.Another reason is congenital ligament weakness.

Does everyone need orthopedic insoles

To keep your feet feeling good and not sore by the end of the day, you need to wear shoes (the recommendation is typical for any season) with a heel height of 2-4 centimeters, a wide front section and the ability to adjust with lacing or Velcro. To support the foot, prevent and treat flat feet, orthopedic surgeons recommend wearing orthopedic insoles that support the foot in an anatomically correct position and help the legs cope with the load. Customized insoles are always preferable, as they take into account the unique characteristics of a particular person's feet. To determine them in the salons, the orthopedic traumatologist uses special computer equipment (plantograph) to scan the feet and, with millimeter accuracy, determines the features of each foot and identifies existing pathologies. Based on the scan results, the specialist determines clear parameters and unique features for the production of individual insoles for the left and right foot. All this works to maintain and restore the normal function of the feet and improve the health of the whole organism as a whole.

Think back to physical education lessons at school

You need to regularly strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot with very simple exercises. They have been known to us since childhood, we performed them in physical education lessons for warm-up. Alternating walking on toes and heels, on the inside and outside of the foot, self-massage of the muscles of the feet - all these exercises should become your daily companions. To relax your feet and restore lightness to them, place a regular small towel on the floor and lift it with your toes, or take a piece of paper and try to write something on it, holding a pen with your toes.

Unfortunately, most people do not know that many health problems can be solved by taking timely care of the health of their feet. By observing all these preventive measures, you help not only the feet, but also the whole body to cope with the daily stress and feel better. Using orthopedic insoles and the right footwear, doing simple exercises, maintaining an active lifestyle - don't forget these simple methods to combat your fatigue.

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