Scientists: Teenagers Can "infect" Each Other With Bad Moods

Scientists: Teenagers Can "infect" Each Other With Bad Moods
Scientists: Teenagers Can "infect" Each Other With Bad Moods

Video: Scientists: Teenagers Can "infect" Each Other With Bad Moods

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Scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham conducted a study that showed that adolescents are able to adopt each other's emotions.

Researchers have found that teens can copy each other's behavior. Thus, if the company is fun, then the person can also cheer up. However, there are some nuances. So, experts assure that teenagers with a grumpy character are no less popular than their more "sunny" comrades.

The study was carried out on the basis of two musical ensembles, where the age of participants is from 15 to 19 years old, who participated in concert tours abroad. During one of the trips in 2018, each of the 79 participants kept a diary, recording their mood every day, as well as social interactions.

Our research convincingly shows that people suffer from how others feel. Mood is contagious, and although both positive and negative moods were caught, bad moods were more contagious,”said one of the study's authors, Dr. Per Block of the Oxford Leverhulme Center for Demographic Sciences.

The researchers hope that the results of their scientific research will help to establish most accurately what the mood of adolescents depends on, especially during that "difficult period", as well as how you can influence it for the better, reports The Guardian.

Earlier, as wrote, a neurologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Marina Anikina spoke about the dangers of an independent fight against insomnia.

According to her, the use of sleeping pills without the appointment of doctors carries certain health risks. As an example, she cited the widespread opinion that taking melatonin is absolutely safe, since it is produced in the human body. However, as the doctor emphasized, the use of this drug should be controlled by a specialist, since not all people tolerate this substance well.

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