7 Beauty Secrets Of Kourtney Kardashian

7 Beauty Secrets Of Kourtney Kardashian
7 Beauty Secrets Of Kourtney Kardashian

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Kourtney Kardashian is the personification of beauty, grooming and femininity. The star carefully monitors her body and leads a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, even Kim Kardashian is jealous of her figure, who admitted this on social networks. Kourtney has 7 beauty secrets that she is happy to share.

Low Calorie Smoothies

The star is sure that you need to start the day with a diet. Smoothies are a great breakfast that is easily absorbed by the body. Courtney has a favorite recipe: coconut milk, avocado, tea tree honey (manuka), can be taken in any proportion. Beat with a blender and drink immediately after cooking. The star starts every morning with such a breakfast. And after half an hour he drinks matu or herbal tea.

Kourtney admits that she considers herself a fan of proper nutrition. She does not eat dairy products and is careful to ensure that no gluten is added to her diet. The basis of her menu is vegetables. Courtney is also attentive to the nutrition of her children.

It is interesting!

Kendall Jenner shares the secret of her slim figure on social media. When she sees that she has gained a couple of extra pounds, she immediately applies her "therapy". She follows high-intensity training and a protein diet. At the same time, the star reminds that it is very important to drink plenty of water and detox teas, which remove excess fluid from the body.

Time to rest

The star has a very busy schedule, but she always makes time for herself. Courtney is sure that a woman must have personal space and the opportunity to be alone with herself. You can take the time to take care of your face and body, do your favorite hobby, or read a book. It is very important that the rest begins with the removal of the make-up - the skin must be clean.

Did you know?

Victoria's Secret model Gigi Hadid is sure that cheat meal is the key to her ideal figure. For 6 days she eats very strictly and balanced, keeping a calorie deficit, and on day 7 she can afford “gastronomic rest” and eat whatever she wants. This gives her the strength to stick to the diet for 6 days and not break down.

"Vampire Departure"

Courtney often does plasma lifting. This is a procedure that seems rather strange to many, but it gives a good result. Specialists take blood and run it through the apparatus, secrete plasma, enrich it with platelets and inject it into the face using microneedles. The girl admits that she tries to do this procedure as often as possible.

Another favorite procedure is cryotherapy. But, of course, the most important thing is a thorough daily care with professional products.


Adriana Lima, a model from Brazil, considers the rope to be the most effective tool for losing weight. She can jump right in the room before the show. The girl does not eat bread and sugar at all - this is also her secret of a beautiful body.

Refusal from coffee

The girl admits that she has long given up on coffee. She believes that this drink ages the skin and negatively affects health. After a cup of coffee, the heartbeat accelerates, excessive activity appears, bordering on fussiness and absent-mindedness. Courtney thinks that coffee is definitely not good for her. And also its regular use leads to the fact that the tooth enamel acquires a yellowish tint. Therefore, the favorite drinks for the girl are herbal teas.


Naomi Campbell does not like any dietary restrictions and tries to just eat in moderation. But be sure to start the morning with a glass of hot water with lemon. It cleanses the body and helps to eliminate toxins.

Keto diet

Courtney says she's indifferent to calorie counting.If she ate an extra portion, then she simply works it out in the gym or chooses another physical activity in order to "neutralize" the surplus. From time to time, the star practices a keto diet - a diet in which carbohydrates are absent or minimized. She is not an ardent opponent of carbohydrate foods, but she tries to give preference to proteins and healthy fats. There are no fast carbohydrates and dairy products in her diet.

Courtney is trying to teach children the basics of healthy eating through her example. In everyday life, the family adheres to a balanced, proper diet, but under certain circumstances it is possible to dine on fast food.

Good to know!

Shailene Woodley uses clay therapy, a popular celebrity technique, to care for herself. Purified clay, when used as a dietary supplement, removes toxins, heavy metals and helps the body fight off disease-causing bacteria. Scientist G. Stetsenko wrote a work in which he collected the results of various studies on the effect of clay on the body's work, and they turned out to be impressive: such an additive helps the body activate a mechanism that is necessary to cleanse all functional systems. However, before taking it, you need to consult with a specialist.

Working with a psychologist

The star is sure that the internal state is always reflected in the appearance. Experiences, stress, negative thoughts make the look dull and add mimic “wrinkles of sadness”. Therefore, Courtney sees a therapist regularly. She has a rule - all problems must be solved at the stage of inception. Then you can avoid unnecessary worries and return a positive attitude. The star does not spare money for psychotherapy sessions and always chooses only the best specialists.

Fridge patches

Courtney loves cosmetic patches and uses them every day. She keeps them in the refrigerator and puts them on the area under her eyes every morning. It is very important that they are cold - then the swelling goes away much more effectively.

A healthy lifestyle definitely has a positive effect on your appearance. Therefore, it is worthwhile to prioritize and abandon bad habits, or at least reduce them to a minimum.

Expert commentaryAlina Kotova, cosmetologist

In youth, you rarely want to think about the fact that someday the skin will become flabby, and the body will swell with fat. It seems that it will always be enough to put on a refreshing mask and go on a diet for a day to restore beauty. But it gets much more difficult with age.

The sooner you start taking care of yourself, the better. Never leave your home without sunscreen, even in cloudy weather. Ultraviolet light ages the skin. In winter, it is necessary to use cosmetics with UV protection.

The key to good health and a toned figure is regular physical activity. Gym, fitness, dancing, swimming or other sports - it doesn't really matter. It is important that sports are enjoyable - then training will be even more effective.


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