What Food Should Be Excluded From The Menu In Order Not To "piss Off" Your Skin

What Food Should Be Excluded From The Menu In Order Not To "piss Off" Your Skin
What Food Should Be Excluded From The Menu In Order Not To "piss Off" Your Skin

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Many of us, like the fabulous Alice, want to eat something tasty and healthy - and immediately become beautiful and healthy, or, conversely, exclude a couple of "harmful" foods and ensure eternal youth! But alas and ah! Our beauty and health do not depend on individual products, but on the complex processes that take place inside. And they, in turn, are related to our lifestyle and daily habits.

We do not even know that many microscopic organisms live in our body, which affect absolutely all processes in our body and even the activity of our brain. It is important to understand that the beauty and youthfulness of the skin depends not only on the amount of water and fat in the diet, but also on the cleanliness of the intestines, the qualitative composition of the microbiome, the work of the biliary tract, the quality of sleep and daily physical activity, on our posture and the presence of habits that help to relax excessively. tense muscles.

Inessa Tsarkova Nutritionist, X-Fit fitness testing specialist in Russia

There are also 5 important processes or conditions in nutrition that directly affect the beauty of our skin.

Acid-base balance of internal media

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Certain foods are capable of altering the pH of our internal fluids, blood in particular. The body has to "fix" this by using its buffer stores of alkali metals (magnesium, potassium, calcium), which, unfortunately, are not enough for many people. When blood acidifies, erythrocytes stick together in the so-called "coin columns", disrupting its movement through the capillaries. Namely, the rate of metabolic processes in skin cells depends on them. She gets less and less nutrients and oxygen, her condition and color deteriorate, and dark circles appear under her eyes.


Protein glycation and its severity

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Sugar and its analogues in our food have become catastrophically abundant! And they have the ability to "solder" with free amino acids and create insoluble compounds that the body is not able to utilize. Accumulating, they lead to metabolic disorders, hypoxia, and then to cell death. Skin proteins are especially strongly glycated: glycogen and elastin, which leads to its rapid fading. And with age, these processes accelerate significantly. By the way, the delicious crust that you get when frying is also glycated protein!

Deficiency of "right" fats

For beautiful skin, polyunsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins (especially vitamins A and E) are very important, and hydrogenated trans fats and an excessive amount of saturated ones are harmful. Fats are absorbed by bile and pancreatic enzymes. If the brain and internal organs lack them, they are taken out of the skin, and it becomes dry and vulnerable.

Excessive amounts of "harmful" (especially oxidized) fats

With a deficiency of "good" fats, we often see an overabundance of "bad". They are primarily found in margarine and other oxidized and thermally processed vegetable fats. When oxidized and overheated, they acquire the properties of free radicals, triggering oxidative stress. With a widespread deficiency of antioxidants, this leads to disease and rapid aging of cells. Therefore, you should avoid fried foods, especially deep-fried foods, sauces, sweets and industrial baked goods.You should also try not to combine vegetable and animal fats in the same meal. This harms both the intestinal villi and its motility, as well as the pancreas.


Condition and functional activity of the body's cleansing systems

Collecting everything that the cells have thrown into the intercellular space, the lymph tends to the lymph nodes. After processing everything unnecessary and harmful in them, it tries to "throw" out. In this she is helped by organs and systems that have contact with the external environment. First of all, this is the intestines. But if its walls are poorly permeable and "smeared" with sticky food debris, then the load is transferred to the skin. Excessive amounts of refined gluten-containing foods "seal" the intestinal walls, especially if they were poorly chewed and were part of complex mixtures with a deficiency of fiber and water. And then all the "dirt" begins to be released through the skin, which does not do this well. A thick and viscous secret "gets stuck" in her pores. If it contains a lot of sugars and fats, it becomes a breeding ground for microbes. These processes are manifested by various rashes and irritations on the skin. This is why the intestines and skin are so closely related. Thus, in order to preserve the beauty of the epidermis, one should first of all abandon products containing refined flour, especially in combination with sugar and margarine, and enrich the diet with whole grains, legumes, and raw vegetable fiber. It is also useful to drink warm clean water.

What foods are bad for the quality of the skin

Svetlana Mashak Professor of the Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology, Faculty of Pediatrics, Coral Club expert

Food colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other "servants of the devil" are the real enemies of our skin and its healthy appearance. Standing out on the surface of the epidermis, they irritate it and disrupt regeneration (recovery).


Please note that on your plate:

sweets and flour products - goodbye, skin glow, as the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers (from polymerization) is disrupted and subsequently the skin sags; salt is the enemy of skin beauty: pickles, marinades and other products of long-term storage are a direct road to skin aging, as they cause impaired lymphatic circulation and subsequently edema, violation of skin trophism; passion for red meat and its derivatives - bacon, sausages with fat layers - leads to acidification and loss of antioxidant protection - aging of the skin is guaranteed to you; fats, mayonnaise, ketchup and other harmful products lead to disruption of microcirculation and nutrition of the skin - it "gets angry" and gets old.

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