Dream Massage: What Is Needed For It

Dream Massage: What Is Needed For It
Dream Massage: What Is Needed For It

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Massage helps to get rid of some diseases, lose weight or relax after a hard day. The procedure is pleasant and at the same time painful, so the choice of a specialist should be taken carefully and seriously, because your health depends on it.


How to find your masseur so as not to waste time and money in vain, says Alexander Burya, a top master of the LITEBODY17 massage studio chain.

What a masseur should look like

A professional massage therapist looks neat and tidy, you don't smell sweat or cigarettes. The specialist washes his hands before the session, clarifies the purpose of the massage, selects a comfortable position on the couch so that you relax. During the procedure, the specialist is attentive to your well-being, feelings, and then gives the necessary recommendations.

During the procedure, you feel that the masseur is experienced, self-confident, his hands are not shaking, he is not afraid to touch you and easily explains why and how he makes a particular movement. The masseur must have the relevant documents and a specialist certificate with him, which he provides at your request. An additional plus will be secondary specialized or higher medical education.

How often to massage

The exact figure is determined individually, depending on the goals of the session and your well-being after the visit. In most cases, when you need to correct excess volumes or relieve muscle spasms, 2-4 procedures per week are required. For prophylaxis and maintenance effect, 1-2 sessions per week are enough. Sometimes after the first sessions there is a slight pain in the body: it does not cause discomfort and is associated with an unusual load. A similar situation occurs during the first training sessions after a long break. In this case, it is better to wait 2-3 days for the body to recover, or ask the masseur to replace the next session with a gentle relaxing massage.

How long does the massage last?

The duration of the session depends on the specific task and takes from 45 to 90 minutes. The massage is dosed and does not take three hours, even if the salon tells you otherwise.

If you have never had a massage and are planning to sign up for the first time, choose an hour session - a comfortable time for most. After the recommendations of the massage therapist, you will decide what duration to choose next time.

Why shouldn't it hurt

How much unpleasant sensations will be depends on the purpose and type of massage, as well as on the depth of the study. This can be a slight superficial effect on skin receptors or deep kneading of muscles. Each person has a different sensitivity, the massage therapist focuses on sensations: let him know if it hurts or is unpleasant for you.

When kneading spasmodic muscles, moderately painful sensations arise, which depend on the threshold of sensitivity. Over time, the muscles will soften, the body will get used to it, and the effects of the massage therapist can be stronger.

Anti-cellulite massage should also not be too painful: with the help of this technique, lymph flow and blood flow are activated, the local body temperature rises, and metabolism is accelerated. The more fat deposits in the body, the more excess fluid that the massage therapist gets rid of. As a result, congestion disappears, volumes decrease and cellulite disappears. It is important to understand: the massage therapist does not crush fats, but creates the best conditions for fat burning and removes excess fluid. If you try to crush fat, you can injure tissues, get inflammation, hematomas, which should not be.

In any case, the massage should not be too painful, leave bruises or bruises. An exception is cupping massage. After a high-quality massage, lightness appears in the body, the feeling of heaviness, stiffness, and soreness in the muscles disappears.

How massage helps with osteochondrosis and stoop

Osteochondrosis is inevitable degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs. This is not a disease, but natural changes. In order for the intervertebral discs to receive nutrition, you need to play sports and do regular massage, then the muscles that are not spasmodic compensate for the changes in the spine, and osteochondrosis will not bother as long as possible.

Many people suffer from stiffness, pain in the muscles in the neck and thoracic region due to lack of physical activity, psychoemotional overexertion and a static forced position - seated work. The muscles spasm, shorten and a stoop appears. The massage relieves muscle tension and removes stiffness, muscles do not get tired longer and functional stoop is corrected.

Pregnancy massage

For girls in the position, massage is required if there are no contraindications. It is recommended to start the procedures from the second trimester. The master does the massage only in a position that is comfortable for the pregnant woman: it is recommended to carry out the session on the side and knead the neck while sitting. The specialist should avoid reflex points and not touch the abdomen. According to the perception, the massage should be less intense, in frequency - 1-2 times a week.

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