What Can Make The Buttocks Look Ugly

What Can Make The Buttocks Look Ugly
What Can Make The Buttocks Look Ugly

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What girl has not dreamed of beautiful "Brazilian" buttocks! To give this part of the body the perfect look, people go to the gym for years, work out with coaches, spend colossal funds. However, as soon as the workouts are over or irregular, the buttocks immediately become saggy and flat. Alas, in everyday life there are many things that contribute to making this attractive part of the body ugly.

Sedentary lifestyle

Scientists from the University of Oxford, UK, led by Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos, examined 1,600 women between the ages of 18 and 40 and concluded that women with prominent buttocks have excellent health. This has a direct relationship because most of the population of the developed countries of the world leads a sedentary lifestyle. Every day a person moves by car or public transport, sits in an office for 8 hours, sleeps the same amount on a bed, and does nothing else. As a result of the constant lack of load, muscle fibers in all parts of the body, including in the buttocks, lose their tone, weaken, their nervous innervation decreases and they sag. All this leads to flattening and partial atrophy of the gluteal muscles, and also contributes to the development of some other diseases associated with joints and excess weight. Moreover, in women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, but are accustomed to sitting cross-legged, one buttock often differs from the other in size and shape. Sometimes this is very noticeable. Ladies who have beautiful elastic buttocks are exceptionally regular regulars of gyms, they spend most of their time on training and closely monitor their diet. Professor Manolopoulos proved this by his research - beautiful buttocks are a sign of good health.

High heels

A large study conducted by scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, led by Dr. Neil Cronin, revealed the following factor that is directly related to the frequent wearing of high-heeled shoes. The maximum load in this case falls on the knee joints, while the posterior group of the thigh muscles and buttocks is involved to a lesser extent. Thus, when walking in high heels, this group of muscle fibers loses their tone, which entails a gradual flattening of the buttocks. In addition, Canadian doctor Victor Celeste found out that frequent wearing of high-heeled shoes leads to insufficient blood supply to the pelvic area and buttocks. It also negatively affects not only women's health, but also the firmness of the muscles in the lower body.

Pregnancy and childbirth

According to a study by endocrinologists from the Langon Medical Center at New York University, women of European appearance after a pregnancy and childbirth no longer have the opportunity to gain elastic buttocks without resorting to plastic surgery. Hormonal changes occurring in the female body already in the second trimester of pregnancy lead to the fact that physical exertion on the muscles no longer gives the usual result. Subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, becomes saturated with female sex hormones. After childbirth, this contributes to the active accumulation of fat, including in the lower parts of the gluteal muscles, which makes it almost impossible to achieve at least their visual elasticity.In addition, the process of natural childbirth is always associated with a small, but obligatory expansion of the pelvic area, which entails stretching and flattening of the muscles of the buttocks. Therefore, doctors from the Langon Medical Center advise women who have given birth, of the European type, who want to achieve beautiful buttocks, to contact plastic surgeons. In any other case, trying to remove subcutaneous fat through dietary restriction and vigorous exercise can seriously undermine health.

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