Is It Possible To Go To The Dentist During Pregnancy

Is It Possible To Go To The Dentist During Pregnancy
Is It Possible To Go To The Dentist During Pregnancy

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Chief physician of the clinic "Personal Doctor", dentist-therapist and doctor of the highest category Tatyana SHULGINA told "AN" about the treatment of teeth during pregnancy.

The period of pregnancy is a time of increased stress on the body, and if you have dental problems, they will progress significantly. Therefore, the first thing a pregnant woman needs to do is to undergo preventive examinations. During this period, the blood circulation of the mucous membrane deteriorates, the gums become looser, therefore, patients in the position so often suffer from gingivitis. It is very important to pay attention to hygiene at home and at the doctor's office.

“Dental treatment in the first trimester is recommended only if absolutely necessary, when the benefits outweigh the risks,” Shulgina is sure. - During this period, all the organs of the baby are laid, the rudiments of milk teeth are formed. The placenta, which plays the role of a protective barrier, is finally formed only by 16 weeks. Treatment during the second trimester, from 14 to 26 weeks, will be the best solution. Since all the vital organs have already been formed, the expectant mother can undergo planned dental treatment during this period. In the third trimester, treatment is best done up to 34 weeks. The fetus becomes large, it is difficult to fit in the dentist's chair, you have to lie on your back, while the child presses on the aorta.

It is necessary to solve problems with teeth without delay, but only if emergency intervention is required. It is also not necessary to endure pain during pregnancy, since refusal of anesthesia can lead to uterine tone and a lack of oxygen in the baby. Paracetamol is used as an analgesic at home, in the dentist's chair everything is done under local anesthesia, using only certain types of anesthetics.

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