Sexologist And Geriatrician Named 4 Main Enemies Of Men Over 50

Sexologist And Geriatrician Named 4 Main Enemies Of Men Over 50
Sexologist And Geriatrician Named 4 Main Enemies Of Men Over 50

Video: Sexologist And Geriatrician Named 4 Main Enemies Of Men Over 50

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There is an opinion that men lose some of their functions and strengths with age. Is it so?

Geriatrician, director of the research center "Gerontology", Doctor of Medical Sciences Kirill Proshchaev said on the air of the network broadcasting "Vechernyaya Moskvy" that modern gerontology does not think in terms of prohibitions on any activity. Any age, according to him, is the age of opportunities, they must be used.

-A man over 50 has a decrease in hormone levels, so his first enemy is overweight. Excess belly fat is a separate endocrine organ that lowers testosterone levels, the doctor said.

According to him, a man at this age needs to accustom himself to regular medical examinations, to take care of cognitive health - mental functions. The limitations are not related to age, but not to the fitness of the body. It is necessary to add physical activity if the man has not been involved in sports before. Lack of sports is the second enemy of men.

- What a man should do to maintain health: at least 150 minutes of medium or high-intensity activity per week, twice a week for 30 minutes - strength training and balance exercises. Fractional meals 4-5 times a day, do not overeat, last meal 3 hours before bedtime. There are at least 500 grams of vegetables per day - all the prohibitions will go away by themselves, - says Proschaev. The doctor recalled that it is important to improve the brain - to learn languages, master new skills, this is also the path to youth.

Doctor-sexologist, psychotherapist, member of the Russian Scientific Sexological Society, President of the Professional Association of Physicians-Sexologists Yevgeny Kulgavchuk named the third enemy of men - prolonged abstinence.

-If at the age of 30, after prolonged abstinence, the body recovers quickly, then a 50-year-old man can go into detraining. Not many people take care of their relationships, life is a heavy burden on sexual attraction. It is important to take good care of your sexual health, to undergo "maintenance" of relationships - to visit sexologists who have the right to prescribe drugs and physiotherapy. To undergo prophylaxis every 3 years, monitor relationships, it is important to observe the regime of work and rest. The lack of medical prevention is the fourth enemy of men, the sexologist recalled.

- Regular sex life prolongs life, do not rush to discard it. It is important to try to allocate time for each other, - summed up Kulgavchuk.

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