7 Types Of Orgasms In Women

7 Types Of Orgasms In Women
7 Types Of Orgasms In Women

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The female orgasm is like the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in which many sailors have died. Female orgasms remain a sealed mystery, but they continue to attract many. What types of pleasure in sex and orgasms are there for the fair sex?


Orgasm is the peak and climax of sexual pleasure. Orgasm occurs when the genitals are stimulated: during sex or during masturbation. The female orgasm is slightly more varied and complex than the male orgasm.

Most people believe that there are at most one or two types of orgasms. But in reality there are many more types of female orgasms. Although most women experience about 2-3 varieties.

7 types of orgasms in women

1. Vaginal orgasm. Most women experience this particular orgasm. Often, the sex position or the development of the vaginal muscles is important to achieve orgasm. Vaginal orgasm requires a missionary position with a pillow under the thighs. The knee-elbow position or the cowgirl is good for vaginal orgasm. 2. Clitoral orgasm. The clitoris has many nerve endings. Exposure to the clitoris not only arouses a woman, but can also bring her to orgasm. If the clitoris is stimulated during sex, then it will be perceived by a woman with a positive and orgasm. Clitoral orgasm is often achieved through oral sex.

3. Nipple orgasm. Women love it when men play with their breasts. With prolonged caresses, the vagina may begin to contract, and the woman will experience an orgasm. But more often this type of orgasm is combined with other types of orgasms.

4. Anal orgasm. The anus and vagina are very close geographically. The intermediate area is filled with nerve endings that are very sensitive. Many women experience orgasms during anal sex.

5. Uterine orgasm. With active stimulation of the cervix by a member of the woman, a uterine or cervical orgasm is achieved. This requires a large penis size or positions that allow for maximum proximity of the partners' genitals.

6. Orgasm of the point G. With this erogenous point, many have difficulties. The G-spot is located on the front of the vagina, 3-5 cm from the entrance. It can be influenced by using sex positions in which the penis touches the G-spot as much as possible. 7. Mixed orgasm. Often the female orgasm is the result of several other orgasms. It can be a mixture of vaginal, clitoral and nipple orgasms. This is one of the most powerful orgasms when a woman gets maximum release.

And what kind of orgasm does your woman have or can she stimulate?

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