Erogenous Zones On The Body Of Women

Erogenous Zones On The Body Of Women
Erogenous Zones On The Body Of Women

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Getting a woman into bed is one skill. To give her unearthly pleasure there is another, often more difficult. How to be a good lover and give girls an unforgettable sensation in bed? Consider the caress of the erogenous zones of women, which will help bring her to bliss. A map of erogenous and extremely sensitive points on the body of girls. A man is like a match that flashes quickly and quickly goes out. The woman is more like a fire that needs to be kindled well and the flame brought to the maximum. Why do you need foreplay in sex? Foreplay helps a woman get aroused. Her nipples and clitoris swell, lubrication is released, desire awakens. There are a lot of erogenous zones on a woman's body. What should you pay attention to and how to caress your mistress?


Erogenous zones on a woman's body

1. The lips of the girl. All women love to kiss not only during a date, but also during foreplay and sex itself. Kiss a girl passionately or sensually. Kissing is essential for a woman's successful orgasm.

2. The face and hair of the girl. First, cover the girl's cheeks, eyelids, temples and forehead with gentle kisses. Run your fingers through her hair or pat her head. 3. Girl's ears. One of the most important erogenous zones is the ears. They have a lot of nerve endings that will help you start it up faster. Whisper compliments and vulgar obscenities in your ear. Kiss and nibble. Add a little tongue if the girl responds positively.

4. Girl's neck and shoulders. Passionate kisses, massage movements and nibbling. Any tender interactions with a woman's neck will be received with a bang. In 99% of women, this is an important erogenous zone.

5. The girl's chest. All girls love when they caress their breasts. Concentrate not only on the nipples, but also do not forget about the entire surface of the breast. Kiss, bite lightly, caress with your hands and use your tongue.

6. The girl's back. Some girls are very fond of back caresses even more than breasts. There are many nerve endings on the back that will not leave the girl indifferent. Pay attention to the skin between the shoulder blades, sides, sacrum (two dimples above the butt).

7. Buttocks of the girl. Women love it when a man strokes and slightly squeezes their buttocks. Stronger spanking and vigorous squeezes will be relevant when the girl is already very aroused. 8. The belly of the girl. The belly, and especially its lower part, responds well to caresses. Kiss, caress your fingers and warm up the girl slowly.

9. Inner thigh and leg. The proximity to the genitals makes this erogenous zone extremely effective. Stroking and kissing the inner thighs will make the girl shiver of pleasure.

10. Clitoris. This is the most erogenous and important part of a girl's body. Caress her with your hands, use your lips, rub your body against her pubis. According to research, 40% of girls need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Pay attention to each of these 10 erogenous zones. The title of the best lover and female orgasm are guaranteed.

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