How Women Say Sex Is Delicious

How Women Say Sex Is Delicious
How Women Say Sex Is Delicious

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How good are you at sex? Don't lie to yourself. A dissatisfied girl instinctively looks for another man for herself, is constantly capricious and puts out the brain. But all this can be avoided by giving the girl full satisfaction in bed. The women gave men some tips on how to make sex delicious. If girls regularly leave you or are constantly naughty in a relationship, then the reason may be bad sex. How good and experienced are you in bed? Honestly.


Even a woman's rich sexual experience and orgasm do not always speak of professionalism in sex. Girls are excellent actresses and often imitate orgasms so that at first they do not upset the guy. But all this then results in scandals, quarrels from scratch, betrayal and leaving for another man. Do you need it?

How to get better at sex and what to do? It is better to listen to different women who have given men advice on behavior in bed. Women know very well what turns them on, turns them on and brings them to orgasm.

How women say sex is delicious

1. Pay attention to your boobs. Many men like to look at women's breasts and paw them, but forget during sex. The female breast is a huge erogenous zone. Play with them. Kiss, lick, squeeze, smooth. More attention to the female breasts and nipples. 2. Don't stop having sex. If a girl says “don't stop” or moans very hard, then this is a sign of approaching orgasm. A man in no case needs to accelerate, slow down, adjust the posture or the angle of entry of the penis. The man does everything right and he just needs to not stop for a while for the girl to reach orgasm. Don't stop if she's about to orgasm.

3. Maintain a rhythm in sex. A man should not wield his penis like a jackhammer. Stop copying bunny movements in sex. Measured sex is much better than rabbit bustle. Fuck slowly and keep pace with your sex. The girl herself will wave towards you in the right rhythm, if you do everything right. 4. The little things in sex are important. Often little things can get in the way of a woman's orgasm. Men should be cleaner, especially if they are claiming sex or oral sex. Cleanliness of the body, groin area, fresh breath and well-groomed vegetation on a man. The atmosphere in sex is also important. Away phones, TVs, pets and children. Sex does better in a secluded, romantic, and comfortable atmosphere.

5. More variety in sex. Sex is bad when predictable and boring. Sex is good when a man shows imagination and tries to add variety. More foreplay, more affection, more play and more passion. Sex gets better when you start understanding each other. Does your girlfriend simulate an orgasm or is she real?

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