How To Build Abs At Home In A Week? What, Really?

How To Build Abs At Home In A Week? What, Really?
How To Build Abs At Home In A Week? What, Really?

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Above is a query that is typed into a search engine by 2695 people every month. We would be happy to answer it optimistically, singing the praises of dryers and two workouts a day, but even in this case, the essence of the answer will be "no way." However, it is still possible to prepare the ground (read - to outline the relief), for example, in a month as long as possible.

Excursion into anatomy

First, let's learn to walk. Given: abdominal muscles - straight, internal and external oblique, transverse. The first lot (straight) - these are the same cubes. They are divisible by six thanks to the fibers. The rectus muscle is adjacent to the external oblique, which are located on the side of the cubes. The inner obliques are already placed under the outer obliques. And finally, the deepest abdominal muscle is the transverse. Complaints that the lower cubes are more difficult to pump than the upper ones should be directed to her. Rather, her tendon sprain.

How not to curl up in vain

Dealt with the theory. You can turn to logic.

You have a rectus abdominis muscle. Congratulations, you are a lucky dice owner.

If they are not visible, the answer is simple: they are hidden under a layer of subcutaneous fat. To achieve at least a minimal relief, you can simply adjust the diet, dry out. If geometry is your goal, you have to work hard. Moreover, in a complex way: on a sports mat, by the refrigerator at home and not only. And it's not just for the sake of aesthetics. Pumped up abdominal muscles improve posture, positively participate in the respiratory process and even help with childbirth. Pick up a few tips to make the results visible.

Nutrition is the head

Fortunately or unfortunately. 70% success at least. To reduce belly fat, you will have to go into a calorie deficit.

Correct posture is equally important

A striking example: if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and spend a lot of time at the computer, the curvature of the spine is followed by the stretching of the abdominal muscles. They wrote here what to do and what to turn to.

What is the strength? Not in speed and quantity

If you're just getting into sports, you don't need to go straight to the marathon. Exercise slowly, trying to feel the right muscles in the moment, as if trying to connect a point in the middle of the chest with the navel. And yes: strength is not in the number of repetitions, but in the optimal ratio of approaches. 1000 crunches lose against three sets of 30.

Exercise breathing is not fiction

In an ideal world, the coach (even on YouTube videos) will always tell you which movements to inhale and exhale. Unlike the leg muscles, the abs must contract and stretch at the right time. Therefore, correct breathing is your main assistant. Ascent and tension - exhale, descent and relaxation - inhale.

High voltage is a must

With all exercises, it is important not only to follow the technique, but also to squeeze the muscles yourself. Tighten your abs during crunches and things will go much faster.

Height is not a must

Do we want to pump up specifically the press? So, we download it. When doing exercises on the floor, do not lift your lower back.

Neck, come on bye

When the abdominal muscles are poorly developed, the neck "helps" and takes the load on itself. You pull your head where, according to the technique, you need to raise your shoulders. It is not right. Try to keep your chin close to your chest.

Where without rest and stretching

Can be framed. The unshakable rule number one: you don't need to train every day. Number two: Warm up and stretching are required. Muscles should have time to recover, and not terrify you every day with any sneeze.

What time is it…

will you need to pump the abdominal muscles? With regular exercise and an optimal diet, you can see light hints within a month or two. Serious - in about six months.But there is one anatomical catch.

If you go all the way (not even too hard), the relief will disappear.

Because it’s the belly - and it’s the first to take the hit of the pizza. According to the expression of anxious phyto-babies, he is "flooded". Now the good news: if you work on your muscles thoroughly, for example, for a year, and then allow yourself a little relief, the abs will stay with you. Maybe it will hide a little under the subcutaneous fat, but finding it back will not be difficult - there is already a solid foundation.

TOP-7 exercises for the press

The set includes dynamics and statics. And do not forget about the rug (or at least a thick blanket), otherwise not only the abdominal muscles will hurt, but also the back with the tailbone.


A timeless classic for the rectus abdominis. Can be performed with weights, holding a pancake to the chest. We are talking about sports equipment, of course.

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees, your arms behind your head, your chin pressed to your chest, your lower back pressed to the floor. Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor using the abdominal muscles a few centimeters up. The amplitude is minimal. Try to hold on for one or two seconds. Keep your abdominal muscles tense, and slowly lower yourself down. And on a new one.

Reverse crunches

Almost the same as the previous exercise, but now the legs will strive upward. Everything for the happiness of the lower rectus and obliques. Additionally, the back, quads and iliopsoas will work.

Lie on your back: legs are bent at the knees, arms are extended along the body, lower back is pressed to the floor. If you feel uncomfortable, you can place your palms under your buttocks, lift your hips off the floor and bring your legs up to your chest. Try to hold for one to two seconds and lower your legs to the starting position. It is most effective not to put your heels on the floor, only your toes. And on a new one.


A versatile fighter. It will be good not only for the abs, but also for the muscles of the arms, back, legs and buttocks. As a gift - posture correction. There are more than enough types of planks. But one principle remains the same: tense your abs as much as possible and do not bend in the lower back. Imagine: for some reason they pulled you like a thread. Then everything will work out. And here's one more material to note.

Take a lying position: lean only on your palms and toes. The hands should be exactly under the shoulders, the legs and back should be straight, the feet are together or shoulder-width apart, the shoulder blades are lowered. Do not bulge your tailbone. Keep your abs and core tense. Stay in this position until victorious. For beginners, you can start with 20 seconds in static and further increase the time.

Life hack: to reach the final blow of the gong, substitute open tubes of lipstick or your favorite food under your stomach. Motivation will increase significantly.

Raising the legs

The middle name is a paradise for the lower press. Although the entire rectus abdominis muscle will be in work. If you are on "you" with sports, do the exercise on the floor - raise your legs one at a time or both at once. And you can raise your legs both on the horizontal bar and in the hang with an emphasis on the elbows, pulling up bent or straight legs. The last option is more for the pros.

Lie on your back with your legs and lower back pressed to the floor, arms extended along your body. If you feel discomfort, you can place your palms under your buttocks. Slowly raise one or two legs to an angle of 45-60 degrees. Legs are straight. If you raised both, then keep your knees together. Try to linger for a few seconds. Keep your abdominal muscles tense by lowering your leg or legs to the starting position. It is most effective not to put your heels on the floor. And on a new one.


Not cycling, no. It will take imagination and alertness: the obliques will protest loudly. When you get the hang of it, you can do the exercise at a fast pace - it's even more effective. Just don't forget about proper breathing.

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees, your arms behind your head, and your lower back flat on the floor. Perform a pedaling-like motion: lift your legs up, then lift your upper body and shoulders, and stretch your elbow to the opposite knee.Keep your abdominal muscles tense. Repeat the previous point with the other leg. Alternate crunches. Lower your legs to the starting position. And on a new one.


Hardcore only. The lower cubes will ask: for what? Never mind. Another thing is important: do not bend in the lower back.

Lie on your back with your legs and lower back pressed to the floor, arms extended along your body. In case of discomfort, you can put your palms under your buttocks. Raise your straight legs up 10–20 cm from the floor. Swing your legs like a scissor movement: left leg to the right, right - to the left. So in a circle. With your toes extended and your knees straight, lower your legs to the starting position. And on a new one.


Instagram star. The vacuum activates the very deep transverse muscle, which ensures the correct position of the spine and maintains intra-abdominal pressure. It is also said to burn fat in the organs and stimulate digestion. There is a nuance: during menstruation and during pregnancy, there is no vacuum.

Do the exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. Take a deep breath, pull your belly back and up. Lock in this position for a few seconds. Release your belly and inhale smoothly. And on a new one.

What is in practice

Of course, at the beginning of the journey it is better to work out with a trainer - if not personal, then at least group programs. The instructor will help you with the correct technique so that you feel and pump exactly the abdominal muscles, and not the back and neck. By the way, such cases are not uncommon: a person comes to the gym, for a year he thinks that he is pumping the press, and in the end there is not a hint of relief, only the collars become tight. This is the case when investing in a coach will definitely pay off.

So, now for those who continue.

Alternatives to the gym

Good abs programs can be found in the Nike Training Club and PUMATRAC apps. It's simple: work out with a trainer to the beat, a countdown and an explanation of the technique are included. Another one is training on


Video sessions for the press - about a million. We share our favorite. Cool playlist, countdown timer, effective exercise - nothing more. We warn you: by the last set, you will feel what hellish heat is. The set of seven exercises above will result in a full-fledged workout for the press. But you can also reduce the number of selected positions to four or five. For beginners: Try starting with two to three sets of 20 reps of each exercise a couple of times a week (and how are you doing? We're worried). Pros: Typically, it is rumored that you do this four to five times a week. Four sets of 40-50, right? Rest between sets - 30-60 seconds. Well, the press will be with us.


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