Stas Piekha Told Which Exercises Provide A Large Amount Of Testosterone

Stas Piekha Told Which Exercises Provide A Large Amount Of Testosterone
Stas Piekha Told Which Exercises Provide A Large Amount Of Testosterone

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One day there comes a moment when, looking in the mirror, you understand: it's time to change something. And not from Monday, but right now. "Vecherka" has found people who will help you do physical education.

- I prefer sports that give me the maximum amount of testosterone, but at the same time does not overwork. Boxing is perfect for this. But in order to do it, it is important to perform those exercises that develop endurance and strength. Strong legs, strong core muscles (a complex of muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine. - "BM"), hard wrists and fist are important here - so at home I do a multitasking workout for those who have already managed to pump up. It is designed to work with its own weight. I suggest you work too, - said the Russian singer Stas Piekha.

Squat on one leg

Stand with an emphasis on your right leg. Keep your hands locked in front of you. Do squats on the right leg for 30 seconds. Then change it and repeat. In total, it will be enough to make three such approaches.


Grasp the bar with a wide grip. Perform a pull-up while bending your knees. Engage in work and abs, straining your abdominal muscles during exercise. Do as many repetitions as possible. Take three sets.

Sliding bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Begin to unbend and bend them, sliding your feet back and forth on the floor. And so it will be necessary to perform three sets of 15 repetitions.

"Difficult Burpee"

Take an emphasis lying on straight arms. Swing your right leg to the left. Raise your left hand up at the same time. Repeat in the same way on the other sides. Jump forward from the support on both legs, and then jump up, making a clap with your hands over your head. One or two sets of 15 reps should be sufficient.

Push ups

In the bar, shift your body weight forward - as if you are crawling under an invisible bar. Now shift your weight backward until your pelvis is at its highest point. Perform three sets with maximum reps.

We sleep well and remember about technology

5 rules from Stas Piekha, how to make your training more effective.

1) Establish a sleep pattern. With a full eight-hour sleep, we accumulate more energy for quality workouts.

2) Pay attention to technique. Without proper exercise, you will not be able to achieve the desired results, and the risk of injury increases.

3) Determine the goals of your training. What do you want: get rid of excess fat? Build muscle?

4) Eat right. You need to eat an hour or an hour and a half before class. It is not recommended to eat for an hour after class.

5) Warm up and stretch. Before training, you need to warm up your muscles and ligaments. And in order for them to recover faster from exercise, they also need stretching.

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