Forbidden Degree: Under What Diseases Muscovites May Not Be Allowed Into The Metro

Forbidden Degree: Under What Diseases Muscovites May Not Be Allowed Into The Metro
Forbidden Degree: Under What Diseases Muscovites May Not Be Allowed Into The Metro

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The metropolitan subway will stop allowing passengers if their body temperature is high. It is planned to measure it with the help of thermal imagers - the device will emit a sound signal if it turns out to be 37.5 degrees and above. Thus, they want to prevent infection of other passengers with SARS, seasonal flu or coronavirus. However, even those Muscovites who have fever for other reasons will probably not be able to get on the metro. In particular, we are talking about people with gastritis, arthritis, exacerbation of chronic dental diseases or women with menopause. For what ailments the body temperature can exceed 37.5 degrees, found out.

Gastritis, arthritis and pregnancy

Fever is the body's defense response that helps the immune system fight off viruses, bacteria, and inflammation. A subfebrile temperature, which lasts for a long time in the range of 37 to 38 degrees, a person sometimes may not even feel. It signals a disturbance in the body, but it is not always ARVI, therapist Olga Burlakova said in a conversation with

A high body temperature can indicate inflammation of the kidneys or bladder, as well as gastritis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease. In addition, it appears in cancer and can persist for a long time after radiation therapy.

In addition, the thermometer is able to show a mark above 37.5 with hyperthyroidism - a syndrome caused by hyperfunction of the thyroid gland. The temperature also becomes higher in rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic inflammatory disease of the connective tissue. It is especially often diagnosed in residents of large cities over the age of 40, Burlakova explained.


Author: Olga Burlakova [therapist and wellness specialist]

Fever also often rises in women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Often, girls themselves do not even know that they are in a position, and think that they have a cold. This symptom, among other things, manifests itself in women during menopause, as well as before and during menstruation - especially if it is painful. Chronic diseases of gynecological organs also cause an increase in body temperature. Today they are very common even among teenagers.

If a person is under stress for a long time, his temperature also rises. This is how thermoneurosis manifests itself - Russians quite often encounter it during a pandemic.

Dental ailments

A person's fever can also develop due to dental problems. In particular, we are talking about periodontitis - an infectious and inflammatory lesion of the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth. This was stated in a conversation with by dentist Vyacheslav Mun.

Increased body temperature in humans sometimes occurs with inflammatory diseases of the gums (gingivitis, periodontitis), as well as after surgical intervention - for example, tooth extraction. In this case, she usually wakes up in the evening or the day after the procedure, explained Moon.


Author: Vyacheslav Mun [dentist]

Temperature can also rise due to complications associated with teeth that are close to the maxillary sinus. In addition, this symptom is characteristic of inflammation of the gums or follicles around the wisdom tooth. Typically, this process occurs when it begins to erupt. General health can also worsen. Only a doctor can objectively assess the problem when examining the oral cavity.

Legality in doubt

Meanwhile, in order for the ban on the entrance to the metro of people with elevated temperatures to have legal force, it will be necessary to amend the rules for using the metro or issue another decree or order. Olga Sulim, chairman of the bar association, stated this in a conversation with

So far, information about the ban has appeared only in the media. Therefore, it will be quite appropriate if the passenger files an appeal against the illegality of the measures taken by the metro employees, who will not let him into the subway at an elevated body temperature, the lawyer explains.

It is also worth noting that representatives of the carrier may encounter difficulties in controlling the temperature of passengers. The thing is that the thermal imager is located at a distance of several meters from people and Muscovites walk past it in a crowd. Whether the device will work and how reliable it is is not yet clear, Sulim explains.


Author: Olga Sulim [Chairperson of the Bar Association]

Moreover, the metro employees will have to catch the person before he touches the turnstile with the travel card. Otherwise, the passenger will have to pay money for the trip. And the mechanism of return in such cases has not yet been announced.

More than 1.5 million cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in Russia. Over the entire time, over 26 thousand people have died from the infection, while about 1.1 million have recovered.

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