Restoring Acid-base Balance Will Help Protect Against COVID-19

Restoring Acid-base Balance Will Help Protect Against COVID-19
Restoring Acid-base Balance Will Help Protect Against COVID-19

Video: Restoring Acid-base Balance Will Help Protect Against COVID-19

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Acid-base balance is an important parameter that is maintained in human blood at certain values. This is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, the course of biochemical reactions and the optimal functioning of enzymes. A shift in acid-base balance can lead to illness, decreased immunity and weight gain. About what this indicator is and how to restore it - in the material

Acid-base balance is the ratio of acids and bases (alkali) in the body. In this case, the second chemical element prevails in our blood. Normally, its acidity is 7.35–7.45 on the pH scale. This indicator is controlled by the internal organs, however, in the process of metabolism, products are formed that can cause a change in the acid-base balance. Most often, in this case, it falls below the permissible values ​​and acidification of the body occurs. This was stated in a conversation with by therapist Olga Burlakova.

About 99% of Russians have a shift in the balance of the body towards an acidic environment, the specialist explains. However, for many, it does not reach critical values ​​and does not have a visible effect on health. In more serious cases, a person is faced with a malfunction of enzymes that transform one substance into another. In particular, those that are necessary for the formation of hormones and immune cells, notes Burlakova.


Author: Olga Burlakova [therapist and wellness specialist]

It should be noted that when the acid-base balance is disturbed, the immune system deteriorates and a person becomes more susceptible to infection with viral diseases, in particular COVID-19. Therefore, restoring acid-base balance is especially important during a pandemic. The correct pH will reduce the likelihood of infection.

Frequent signs of acid-base imbalance are constant fatigue, depression, irritability, sadness, poor sleep, anxiety, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and a runny nose. At the same time, other diseases, in particular respiratory diseases, can also talk about a change in pH, the therapist explains.

How to restore pH

Endorphins, which are released during physical activity and laughter, will help restore the acid-base balance of the body. You can also influence it by exposing your ankles in cold weather. After all, this stimulates the flow of blood, which as a result is redistributed throughout the body - passes to the legs and other parts of the body from the abdominal cavity, where stagnation can sometimes occur, Burlakova explained.

Meanwhile, you can restore the acid-base balance by observing the correct diet. You should limit the use of fast food, white flour products, sweets, strong tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages - all these products acidify the body. Nutritionist Svetlana Titova stated this in a conversation with

But the alkaline environment primarily helps to create lemon. For this reason, the specialist recommends starting the day with a wedge of this fruit. You can also restore the acid-base balance by including greens in the diet, in particular parsley, dill and spinach, as well as beets, carrots, cabbage, avocados, peaches, grapefruits, oranges and garlic.


Author: Svetlana Titova [nutritionist]

An incorrect acid-base balance affects, in particular, excess weight gain. If there is not enough alkali in the body, food residues are not completely removed from it and are transformed into fatty deposits. An acidic environment is also created by such a healthy product as meat.For this reason, it is recommended to eat "alkaline" salads with it.

Cow's milk, sugar, sausages and soda also affect acidification. These foods in the diet should be minimized, advises Burlakova. And it is better to replace sweet drinks with slightly alkaline melt water.

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