Star Nutritionist Warned About The Dangers Of A Beer Diet

Star Nutritionist Warned About The Dangers Of A Beer Diet
Star Nutritionist Warned About The Dangers Of A Beer Diet

Video: Star Nutritionist Warned About The Dangers Of A Beer Diet

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Video: A Dad Drank 50 Beers Everyday For 6 Weeks. This Is What Happened To His Brain. 2023, January

An Ohio resident shared a story about how he gave himself a real beer marathon of 46 days as a weight loss experiment. The man completely gave up solid food, his diet was from three to five bottles of intoxicating drink per day. As a result, the overweight American lost 20 kg.


His marathon fell on the period of Great Lent, the man “adapted” it to himself in this way. The American was inspired by the example of the papal monks from the Middle Ages - that is how they fasted.

The most amazing thing is that he really lost weight, at first he weighed 133 kg, but after 30 days of the express diet he lost up to 118 kg, in the remaining 16 days he lost another 15 kg. In addition to beer, he sometimes drank tea and black coffee without sugar, and in order to somehow support the body on a mono-diet, he drank multivitamins.

The secret of his normal state of health after a 46-day alcoholic diet (and the man claims that his sugar and cholesterol levels have returned to normal) is that the American works in a brewery and can get a real intoxicated drink without impurities. However, the improvement in his well-being is due solely to weight loss, and not to the benefits of beer. In addition, according to nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina, an alcoholic diet is the most dangerous nutritional experiment you can think of.

“If you look at late-stage alcoholics, they also get very thin, as alcohol makes up the bulk of their diet. In beer, of course, there are only 44 kilocalories per 100 grams, that is, if you drink three liters a day, 1320 kilocalories will be released - here you have a deficit in calories for fast weight loss."

This diet is very dangerous. A person does not receive any proteins and such a diet. And fast carbohydrates receive about 40 grams per liter at a daily rate of 5-10 grams. The glycemic index of beer is absolutely outrageous - 110, even pure glucose has a glycemic index of 100. That is, such nutrition can lead to complete depletion of the pancreas, pancreatitis and other complications.

“There are many preservatives in beer, which, when consumed in large quantities, cause serious harm to the body,” continues Mariyat Mukhina. "For example, some preservatives will act as an antibiotic, killing beneficial bacteria and impairing the blood formation process."

The intoxicated drink puts a very strong strain on the liver and kidneys. It contains phytoestrogens and fusel oils that poison neurons. When drinking beer in large quantities, female hormones begin to predominate in the body of men, which leads not only to physiological, but also psychological changes, violations of personality traits.

“In addition to a calorie deficit, a person loses weight due to a strong load on the heart and kidneys, due to the diuretic effect. The body is completely consumed - not only fat, but also muscles,”explains Mariyat Mukhina. - “Beer, of course, contains a low percentage of alcohol, but it all depends on the amount drunk. Three liters of beer in terms of alcohol is comparable to 500 grams of vodka."

That is, weight loss also occurs due to intoxication of the body - a person poisons the body with a large dose of alcohol. This can lead to enlargement of varicose veins, enlargement of the heart, changes in the endocrine system, a gradual decrease in the level of intelligence. The main concept of the diet - to help your body, make it healthy, and not harm - does not in any way correlate with what the beer diet leads to exclusively.

“Violation of speech function, disorientation - a beer diet literally leads to brain atrophy,” warns the nutritionist."Not to mention the fact that a person, following such a diet long enough, becomes addicted to alcohol."

One of the most dangerous aspects of the beer diet is actually justifying alcoholism. If you drink only one alcohol for 46 days, the body will exist only on this fuel. The consequences of such a diet would be disastrous.

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