All About Sex And Women

All About Sex And Women
All About Sex And Women
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Fun facts about women and sex, the best time to have sex and sex rules for one night. Let's try to figure out these delicate, provocative and interesting questions of intimacy. All about sex and women. All about sex and women

Facts about women and sex

Women's sexuality is still a subject of research. A woman is a mystical creature who has her own secrets and needs. Most of them seem strange at first glance, but scientifically proven.

1. Women get turned on by other women

Women have very strong receptors for perception and eroticism. They can enjoy watching a love game between a man and a woman, or between two women. And it's even more enjoyable to join her without becoming lesbian or bisexual. Only ladies can feel the desire for two sexes.

2. Women who like to finish faster

The mind is the most important driving force in the female body. If a woman is confident, if she feels sexy and loves, orgasm is not a problem. Gentlemen, have you had connections with many beautiful women who are "real trees" in bed? This, of course, is due to the fact that their vision hides inner insecurities and complexes that prevent them from revealing their sexuality.

3. Women prefer you to lie to them

They are very emotional and hold on to mental relationships. This is why physical infidelity, especially once, is not a problem for them. It is easier for a woman to forgive treason.

4. A woman can breathe heavily, but not be agitated.

Many men think that a woman's excitement is tantamount to getting her wet. But her body can react to your game, and her mind does not. For example, prostitutes who work in the field of sex can completely turn off their minds and respond to your caresses.

5. Women feel vulnerable after sex

When a man calms down and feels almost like God after intercourse, the woman is vulnerable and uncertain. This is why she craves attention, asks questions, and continues to hug after the act. The best time for sex

Sexologists assure that you can have sex at the age of 18 at any time of the day. Sex is beneficial. At 28 years old, it is better to postpone the lesson to the evening. Since morning sex, especially before work, does not bring much pleasure. At 38 years old, couples usually have sex in the morning because they have no time for sex in the evenings.

Sex or sleep

Many spouses work a lot without vacation and take care of children. In this case, sex turns into a duty. Some couples have to choose between sex or sleep. It is important to understand that both are important.

In the evenings, wives have many things to do: cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, ironing, bathing or showering. Husbands usually fall asleep. After all, in the morning they have their own duties, from which there is no escape. Ai needs to wake up his wife, feed, dress and put on his children, then take the family to work, school or kindergarten. In a word, in the morning couples cannot retire even for 10-15 minutes and give each other pleasure.

The benefits of morning sex

Doctors assure that morning sex is good for both partners. Indeed, in men, the risk of developing prostate cancer and stroke is reduced. And in women, stress and depression are reduced. With the help of morning sex, you can perfectly massage the internal organs and train the body.

Sex relieves poor health, daytime sleepiness, anxiety and migraines. The fact is that hormones called endorphins appear in the blood.

Many men choose to have sex in the morning. Desire is physiological. The content of the testosterone hormone rises in the blood. It affects your sex drive.

Experts recommend that couples have sex at 8 a.m. The fact is that the rhythms of the partners' biological clocks coincide. Sex at this time of day strengthens relationships and enriches intimate life. A man feels desire, and a woman is aroused. Therefore, whenever possible, spouses need to find a "window" for sex in their work schedule. Evening sex

Experts assure that women prefer evening sex because they do not like the rush. The device of the hormonal system and preferences have nothing to do with it. Women during intimacy like to think only about sex, and not about pressing problems. Men should remember this.

It takes less time for men than for women to get aroused. Sex must necessarily consist of foreplay. Since it provides good blood flow to intimate places. Evening time is great for foreplay. There is not enough time and energy for it in the morning and at night.

Sexologists assure that at 19-20 hours a man is 100% ready to have sex. The fact is that testosterone is restored in the male body at this time.

At 22 o'clock, the partner wants to sleep. Since testosterone in the body decreases at this time. But the woman does not know about this. She wants intimacy at this time. Therefore, a compromise must be found.

While you are in the bedroom from 19.30 to 21.00 children can play on the computer or watch TV before going to bed. During sexual intercourse, you can use special creams and toys. They will help partners get aroused quickly. The best time for sex must be mutually chosen. Sex is good for both partners. It improves health and strengthens relationships. Love each other. Sex is needed not only to make children and get physical satisfaction. It will help maintain relationships and improve the quality of sex, enjoy the process, forget about problems and give free rein to imagination. Sex rules for one night

If you're not looking for a relationship and just want to have some fun, here are some good things to keep in mind to stay happy with this type of experience.

1. Don't do this with a coworker, your brother / sister's friend, or your friend's relative, ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend's friend, or a man / woman you might see a lot in the future. The best time for such an adventure is during your vacation or business trip.

2. Don't do this with someone who has hopes of developing a relationship. Be honest with him that sex is one night stand.

3. Don't share personal things about your family, ex-boyfriends, dreams and development goals. The details will make your day plans difficult to achieve, and you will probably want to meet again.

4. Since you will not be able to learn more about this person, you can experiment and do what you always wanted, but you worried about it in practice, if, of course, your partner agrees.

5. While it’s only overnight, it doesn’t mean you need to break up immediately after sex. You can have breakfast together and have lunch after your morning coffee.

6. Don't say things like “I'll call you” or something like that, it’s just an inconvenience after you have already stated that it’s only for one night. Instead, say you had a great night (hopefully you were really lucky it was, not disappointment).

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