Coronavirus And A Sharp Drop In Vitamin A Levels Have Been Found

Coronavirus And A Sharp Drop In Vitamin A Levels Have Been Found
Coronavirus And A Sharp Drop In Vitamin A Levels Have Been Found

Video: Coronavirus And A Sharp Drop In Vitamin A Levels Have Been Found

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Doctors from Turkey have found that infection with coronavirus leads to a significant decrease in the level of vitamin A, whose molecules are critical for the synthesis of antiviral protein molecules - interferons, follows from an article in the electronic library medRxiv.


“Our observations showed that the concentration of retinol (a bioavailable form of vitamin A) was extremely low in patients with severe forms of COVID-19, which negatively affected the production of type I interferons. This indicates the possibility of using large doses of vitamin A, as well as drugs that prevent the degradation of retinol, to fight the coronavirus,”the researchers report to TASS.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, doctors and biologists have been trying to understand what side factors and features in the body's work affect the likelihood of death and the development of severe forms of COVID-19. In particular, biologists almost immediately found out that heart and vascular diseases increase the likelihood of death from SARS-CoV-2 by almost five times.

Subsequent observations have shown that this is also influenced by the concentration of vitamin D and the activity of certain enzymes in immune cells. A group of Turkish scientists led by Ozgur Aslan, a professor at the Turkish Medical University in Ankara, revealed another addiction, drawing attention to the fact that many of the disorders in the body traditionally associated with acute forms of COVID-19 are very similar to the consequences of chronic vitamin A deficiency.

Doctors collected blood samples from 23 healthy residents of Turkey and 27 university hospital patients suffering from extremely severe forms of coronavirus infection and undergoing intensive care in the intensive care unit.

Comparing their composition, Professor Aslan and his colleagues found that the concentration of retinol in the body of carriers of severe forms of coronavirus was indeed extremely low. At the same time, some patients took vitamin A or medications that interfere with its excretion of the body, which nevertheless did not protect them from a decrease in the concentration of retinol after the onset of the disease.

This feature of the development of infection, according to scientists, suggests that vitamin A plays an important role in the fight against COVID-19. In particular, they suggest that it is used by the body to synthesize so-called type I interferons, antiviral protein molecules that can bind to SARS-CoV-2 and slow down its multiplication.

In the near future, as noted by Professor Aslan and his colleagues, they plan to test their theory in an experiment involving a large number of sick volunteers. Doctors will study how taking large doses of vitamin A, as well as drugs that block the work of its processing enzymes, will affect the rate of recovery of patients.

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