Mass Vaccination: Taxi Drivers And Couriers Vaccinated In Moscow

Mass Vaccination: Taxi Drivers And Couriers Vaccinated In Moscow
Mass Vaccination: Taxi Drivers And Couriers Vaccinated In Moscow

Video: Mass Vaccination: Taxi Drivers And Couriers Vaccinated In Moscow

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Video: COVID-19: Moscow starts mass vaccination amid record cases 2023, February

Mass vaccination continues in Moscow. Taxi drivers and couriers were vaccinated today. The correspondent of "MIR 24" Vladimir Seroukhov observed this.


In the food mall "Depo" one of the mobile vaccination points was deployed, which looks like a branch of a real clinic - there is a registration desk, a waiting room and two medical offices.

Anyone can come here for vaccination, but today, probably, half of the people are Yandex couriers and taxi drivers.

“As soon as the Moscow health department announced that free mass vaccination was now available, we, as a service, immediately sent a mailing message to all taxi and delivery drivers, Yandex.Edy and Lavka couriers that it was possible to pass a free vaccination ", - explained the representative of the press service of the company" Yandex Go "Elizaveta Khmeleva.

Maxim is a student, moonlighting as a courier. Now, while studying at a distance, there are a lot of orders, which means that the danger of infection is great. It is convenient for him that vaccinations can be taken in the food mall, because it is from here that the guy takes the food. Maxim decided to go in for the vaccination just before ordering.

“The service sent a reminder that we are being vaccinated first. So I decided to take advantage of this. Moreover, I am a student and I believe that we must be vaccinated, as well as against the flu. So it's better to do it now than later,”explained the courier Maxim Zhemchuzhnikov.

Vaccination is voluntary. Before vaccination, you just need to fill out a questionnaire. Of the documents, you only need to have a passport and a medical certificate with you.

“They said that they would be invited later, when the line was over. First for an examination, and then when the doctor says that everything is in order, they will take me to the vaccination room,”the courier said.

Each office has a team - a doctor and a nurse. This well-coordinated team works quickly, so the appointment and injection takes no more than 15 minutes. During the first day of work alone, 220 people were vaccinated here.

“We have prepared a large stock of vaccines, we order them in addition, we deliver them. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid that they will not be enough. Today we have 1000 doses in our freezers, this is "Sputnik V", - said the chief physician of the city polyclinic 3 Elena Samyshina.

If necessary, they will bring up another batch of Sputnik V, enough for everyone. After the injection, the person should wait indoors for half an hour before going outside. And until the next visit, load the body less.

In 21 days, Maxim, like everyone who was vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine, will return here for a second dose of the drug. And if symptoms of the disease suddenly appear, he will report to the clinic at the place of residence.

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