Nyusha Spoke About Her Diet After Childbirth

Nyusha Spoke About Her Diet After Childbirth
Nyusha Spoke About Her Diet After Childbirth

Video: Nyusha Spoke About Her Diet After Childbirth

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And she told me what products she could not do without.


Recently, Nyusha admitted that at the moment she is actively losing weight after giving birth. For this, the singer not only goes in for sports and dancing, but also adheres to a strict diet. Nyusha shared some details of her nutrition with followers on Instagram.

While adhering to a diet, I gave up dairy products (in part, the same as sugar). But I really want to return cheese to the diet - I can't live without it. It is frightening that opinions on this matter are contradictory, especially regarding the naturalness of the composition and the country of origin … The same dilemma as with honey. But if honey has been produced in our country from time immemorial, then it will be more difficult with cheese, - the singer shared with the followers.

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By the way, the other day the singer told which five exercises help her get back in shape after giving birth. Recall that Nyusha, even during pregnancy, did not stop playing sports, in particular, yoga.

Nyusha first became a mother on November 6. The singer gave birth to a daughter, but the singer's fans still do not know the name of the girl. Recall that Nyusha is married to the chief adviser to the President of the International University Sports Federation Igor Sivov. For a man, the daughter of the singer became the third child.

Photo: Instagram / @nyusha_nyusha

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