How To Remove A Double Chin? 15 Effective Exercises

How To Remove A Double Chin? 15 Effective Exercises
How To Remove A Double Chin? 15 Effective Exercises

Video: How To Remove A Double Chin? 15 Effective Exercises

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Video: 3 Best Exercises to Remove DOUBLE CHIN Quickly- How Double Chin can be Reduced Permanently-TRY THIS 2023, February

A double chin is a nightmare for a woman. And unfortunately, its formation does not always depend on our complexion. It can appear due to genetic predisposition, age-related changes in the face, when the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, or improper posture and the habit of tilting the head forward.


However, there is salvation! This is a set of exercises for daily execution, designed for 15 minutes.

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The first exercise may not even be considered an exercise - it is a simple pat on the chin with the back of the hand. Press your fingers tightly together and do active movements for 1-2 minutes, so that after a while the chin begins to grow numb.

Another effective exercise is walking around the room with a book on your head, preferably heavier. Put the book on your head, keep your back straight, lift your head up, slightly lifting your chin - and forward, with a regal gait! 5-7 minutes a day to complete it will be quite enough.

Imagine hanging a heavy weight to your chin. While straining the muscles of the chin, lift the kettlebell up, while tilting your head back. Alternately press the tip of your tongue on the upper and lower palate, with great effort, so that you can feel well how the chin muscles are tense.

Try to reach the tip of the nose with your tongue, holding it in this position for 10-15 seconds.

Tighten the muscles of the chin, stretch your lips forward, and pronounce the letters O, U, I clearly. Each letter 7-10 times.

Sit upright with your elbows on the table and your chin on your fingers. Tighten the chin muscles strongly, close your teeth, slightly push your chin forward, and rhythmically lift it up, for 1 minute.

Press your chin to your chest, and grab the back of your head with your hands locked into a lock. Now, tensing the muscles of the chin with force, lift it up, counteracting this with the hands pressing on the head.

Neck exercises

Clasp your hands together and bring them under your chin. Throw your head back with resistance. If done correctly, you will feel the tension in the chin muscles.

Straighten your chest, place your fingers on your shoulders. Now strongly pull your neck up, and press your shoulders down with your fingers. Inhale, count to 10, exhale.

Relax your shoulders, lower your arms along your body. Lower your head to your chest, and begin a "circular roll" - roll your head from the left shoulder to the end, then back, then onto the right shoulder and onto the chest. Now it's the same, only in a different direction.

Turn your head to the right, touch your chin on your shoulder. Do the exercise 4-5 times for each side. Do not raise your shoulders.

Pull your neck forward and lift your chin up. Now push your neck back and press your chin.

Let's draw a little. Take a pencil in your mouth, stretch your chin forward and draw circles and ovals in the air.

And the last exercise, aimed not only at strengthening the muscles of the neck, but also at their relaxation. Place your hands behind your head, and hold it while trying to tilt your head back. Do all neck exercises slowly, about 10 times each. Gradually it is worth bringing the amount of each exercise up to 30-40 times.

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