Women 40+ Are Obligatory! "Bow Pose" And 5 More Exercises That Will Quickly Return To Their Former Shape

Women 40+ Are Obligatory! "Bow Pose" And 5 More Exercises That Will Quickly Return To Their Former Shape
Women 40+ Are Obligatory! "Bow Pose" And 5 More Exercises That Will Quickly Return To Their Former Shape

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If you are looking for an effective way to get in shape in a matter of weeks, then you stumbled upon the right article! It is quite possible to get rid of extra centimeters and recharge with energy without unnecessary effort, and all thanks to body flex. It is not in vain that this complex of breathing exercises finds admirers all over the world: a special breathing technique enriches the body with oxygen, and physical exercises allow you to load problem areas.

In general, bodyflex is suitable for people of any gender, age and level of physical fitness. However, we strongly recommend that women experience this gymnastics, and those whose body is mercilessly exposed to age-related changes.

Bodyflex lessons must be learned by every woman who has crossed the 40-year-old milestone. Why? Yes, because these awkward and quick exercises will help to maintain youth, tighten the body and invigorate the spirit. What the doctor ordered!

Bodyflex for weight loss

Classes will not take much of your time, you do not need to visit the gym or buy special accessories for them. Enough 15 minutes a day and the desire to become slim, healthy and cheerful. We have prepared 6 home workout exercises for you, which will not be difficult to master. But, before you start performing them, you need to master the special technique of aerobic breathing, on which the bodyflex exercise system is based.


Stage 1

Collect your lips into a tube and exhale slowly through your mouth. Try to completely empty your lungs of air.

Stage 2

Press your lips together and inhale loudly and quickly through your nose, filling your lungs with oxygen as much as possible.

Stage 3

Raise your head and exhale intensely through your mouth. In this case, a sign of correct exhalation will be the whistling sound “Groin!”.

Stage 4

Close your lips, hold your breath and suck in your stomach. It is at the moment of holding the breath that bodyflex exercises are performed.

Stage 5

Count to 10, relax your abdominal muscles and inhale.

Well, let's get started?

Exercise "Diamond"

Loose skin and excess fat deposits on the inner side of the shoulders are one of the most problematic areas on the body of a mature woman. Exercise "Diamond" perfectly pumps up the muscles of the arms and tightens flabby skin, and all thanks to the directed flow of oxygen, which burns excess fat. After a month of regular exercise, you will transform your hands beyond recognition! Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, close your hands in front of you in a circle and close your fingers so that your palms do not touch.

The elbows should be high, otherwise the pressure will not fall on the muscles of the arms, but on the chest. Slightly round your back, inhale, hold your breath, draw in your stomach and move on to the main pose. Hands are tense, fingers rest against each other.

Start pressing with your fingers as hard as possible, while not moving your hands. You should feel the muscle tension moving from your wrist to your chest. Press for 8 seconds, then exhale, relax and return to starting position. Do 3 reps.

Bow pose

This exercise perfectly develops the muscles of the abdomen, back, eliminates the extra centimeters at the waist and hips. One of the most effective weight loss exercises! The bow pose restores flexibility to the spine, and therefore, prolongs youth. This exercise improves the nutrition of the spinal cord, stimulates the endocrine glands, helps in the treatment of diseases of the abdominal and pelvic organs, and also promotes growth.

Lying on your stomach, bring your legs together, arms along your torso, palms pressed to the floor, chin rests on the floor.Exhale, noisy breath, spread your legs, bend at the knees and grab your ankles with your hands or clasp your feet with your palms. Exhale loudly and hold your breath. Begin to unbend your knees while lifting your head and chest.

Bend properly in the lower back, throw your head back, tear your hips off the floor. Count to eight (you can wiggle back and forth), relax and return to starting position. Start the practice with one approach, gradually bringing the number to 3 unhurried repetitions.

Exercise "Pretzel"

This exercise differs from other postures in body flex in that it is able to cope with several problems at once: it in a short time straightens out excess fat not only on the hips, but also on the waist. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and cross them so that the left knee is over the right. The leg that is below, try to keep it straight. With your left hand, rest on the floor behind your back, and put your right hand on your left knee. Inhale, draw in your stomach, hold your breath, and begin the basic pose.

Pull your left knee with your right hand up and towards you, pulling it as close to your chest as possible. Make a smooth turn with your whole body to the left, looking back. Hold in this position for 8 seconds, exhale and return to the starting position. When done correctly, you will feel how the muscles in your waist and hips stretch. Swap arms and legs and repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction. 3 repetitions for each side should be sufficient.

Exercise "Boat"

Exercise "Boat" will help to remove excess fat deposits in the waist area and pump up the abdominal muscles. In addition to effective weight loss, this exercise helps to strengthen the solar plexus area and restore the correct position of the umbilical ring. Those who perform the "Boat" regularly not only lose fat from the abdomen, but also significantly improve blood circulation, cardiac activity, digestion, and breathing problems …

Lie on your back, press your straight arms to the body, legs together, feet are pressed to each other. Inhale, exhale, noisy inhale, noisy exhale, hold your breath. Holding your breath, lift both legs to a height of 30-40 cm from the floor. Raise your head to the same height, lifting your shoulders and torso. Using only your buttocks and sacrum, count to eight. Put your head and legs down. Relax. Do 3 unhurried reps.

Exercise "Scissors"

This exercise perfectly strengthens the abdominal muscles and one of the most problematic areas in women - the area below the navel. During the execution of the "Scissors", the process of burning all that is superfluous is started, the muscles are strengthened, the functioning of the circulatory system is normalized and the general condition of the body improves. Starting position - lying on the floor. Legs are extended and closed, knees are straight.

Place your hands under your buttocks, palms down. The head and lower back are pressed to the floor. Hold your breath and raise your straight legs above the floor level by 10-15 cm. Keeping your legs in this position, perform wide and intense leg swings. During the swings, the lower back and head are pressed to the floor. Count to 10, relax and lower your legs. Do 3 reps.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles

Such an exercise not only perfectly strengthens the abdominal muscles and makes the tummy flat, but also improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs, fights flatulence, rumbling in the abdomen, belching, and improves the work of the pelvic organs. Starting position - lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, and feet pressed to the floor. Take a few breaths in and out with the diaphragm, hold your breath while inhaling and start the exercise.

Raise your arms up, stretch them to the ceiling, elbows straight, shoulders off the floor, keep your head straight. Never pull your chin to your chest! Try to raise your shoulders as high as possible. Next, lower yourself to the floor: first the lower back, then the shoulders, and at the very end touch the floor with your head.

Touched? Stretch up again, holding in this position for 8 seconds. Do 3 unhurried reps. Under no circumstances push off the floor, do not jerk and do not help yourself with your hands! Only use your muscles.

If you decide to devote time to body flex, do not expect instant results - they will appear only after a few weeks of daily training, because the metabolism must first improve, and only then the excess volume in problem areas will start to go away. And if you are afraid of the daily workload, body flex exercises are enough to perform only 15 minutes every day. Agree, this is a really easy way to lose weight and visually decrease in volume.

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