Four Tips And Top Hangover Myths

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Four Tips And Top Hangover Myths
Four Tips And Top Hangover Myths

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A hangover is only an anecdote when the person is not experiencing it right now.


I do not want to joke at all, but do everything possible to stop it as soon as possible. And here's what will help.

1. What to drink

If you are a coffee lover, in the morning after an alcoholic excess, it is better to change your usual cup of coffee. The body can respond to it not with vigor and a surge of strength, but with a strong heartbeat, headache and loss of strength due to a sharp spasm of blood vessels and a surge in pressure. But liquid is needed, and more, since part of the morning hangover is associated with dehydration, which occurs when drinking a lot of alcohol.

e: fruit drinks, sour juices, mineral water, kvass, kefir and all sour milk in general.

2. What to eat

It may seem that the body now needs food least of all and it threatens to send everything eaten back. Everything is individual. But eating the right food will make him feel better - this is a good way to rush the healing process.

e: hearty, liquid and hot food - cabbage soup, borscht, rich broth, thick meat stew. As well as sauerkraut and pickles, which are high in potassium, it helps restore electrolyte balance and support heart function.

3. WHAT to do

Nothing! In a literal sense, it is better to suffer in a horizontal position, not trying to expel the remnants of alcohol from the body through physical activity. It's definitely a bad idea to go to the gym, go for a run, or go to the sauna. Anything that is a load on the cardiovascular system can lead to unpredictable consequences, even the most sad ones.

e: sleep. By the way, it helps some to lie down in a bathtub filled with cool water.


The duration of the state, which we traditionally call a hangover, depends on how strong the poisoning of the body was with alcohol breakdown products. Many people think that everything can be stopped immediately if you drink a little alcohol. Well-being can really improve, only it has nothing to do with recovery - it is essentially a continuation, a binge. Therefore, even if this idea does not cause a gag reflex, it is still not worth doing so. In general, it should become easier within 1-2 days. For example, after a bottle of beer, the body is cleansed in 2-3 hours, from the same amount of vodka - in 17-29 hours (depending on the complexion of a person). With complex drinks such as cognac or whiskey, he copes more slowly - up to 30–32 hours. Accordingly, how soon he "lets go" depends on how much a person weighs, what gender he is and, of course, how much he drank the day before.

e: do not rush the body - just wait.

By the way

If after a serious alcoholic excess in the morning you do not experience any problems with well-being - vigorous, fresh and active - this is not at all a reason for joy, but an alarming symptom that may indicate an increase in alcohol tolerance, characteristic of the second stage of addiction.

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