Maria Grudina - On The Nutrition System, Must-have Vitamins And Ways To Deal With Stress

Maria Grudina - On The Nutrition System, Must-have Vitamins And Ways To Deal With Stress
Maria Grudina - On The Nutrition System, Must-have Vitamins And Ways To Deal With Stress

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15-minute naps, books on neurobiology, nutrients and no coffee - Maria Grudina, co-founder and ideologist of the innovative resort First Line, opened the contents of her first aid kit especially for and told how she copes with stress. Healthy lifestyle rituals

My main indicator of a healthy lifestyle is the amount of time I spend outdoors. And the main healthy lifestyle ritual is a brisk walk, for example, along the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Even we usually play sports indoors, but if I don't spend enough time outside, I feel worse. I have to be outdoors for at least an hour a day.

Movement is life, and I try to incorporate elements of sport into my daily life. Including when there is no time for a full workout. For example, on the recommendation of a neurologist, I need to do bends, but for this it is not necessary to go to the gym - it is enough to allow myself a short break from work. If a flight awaits me, I will certainly retire to the VIP lounge and do 50 squats. If I need to hold a work meeting in the First Line, I can suggest the interlocutor to take a walk along the bay instead of sitting in the office. Another great life hack is when arriving at your destination, get out of the car a little earlier, completing your route on foot.

I love to spend time efficiently and add physical activity to my daily activities.

I closely monitor my drinking regime and find that the more water I drink, the better I feel. I also try to keep track of the amount of sleep. Going to bed at 21.00-22.00, as the doctors of "First Line" insistently recommend, fails. But every bedtime before midnight is my little victory. My ideal rest should be 7.5-8 hours. Plus a 15-minute nap in the afternoon, which allows you to break the working day into two full parts. I often give myself a facial massage during the day and this is the perfect moment to combine relaxation and self-care. Daytime sleep is a very useful life hack that I borrowed from Andrei Sharonov, president of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management.

While developing the First Line, I realized that working hours are not measured in hours. It is measured by the amount of work you can do effectively. And the more time I spend on rest, food, sports, sleep, communication with my family, the more noticeably my efficiency grows in work matters. If after a business trip you feel overwhelmed, it is better to schedule a morning nap in your schedule, rather than an early meeting, during which you will only think about how you are not feeling well. Food, coffee, alcohol

Now my diet is focused on protein food - this is not a keto diet, but I have significantly changed the structure of my diet over the past year. The results of the Immunohealth latent food intolerance test had a great influence. Research shows which foods make you feel worse. On my stop list were chili peppers, Brazil nuts, yeast that would make me want to give up baked goods, tomatoes, eggs and cocoa beans. The last point upset me the most: the best dessert for me is a piece of chocolate with a cup of decaffeinated coffee. But having strictly followed the diet in the first months, I felt a change in well-being for the better. When you refuse products that are unsuitable for you, taste preferences also change: for example, I do not want to disrupt my nutrition system at all, to include potentially harmful food in my diet.

You are not eating something because it is healthy. Healthy foods really taste better.

Intermittent fasting helps to achieve good results in cleansing and renewing the body. I follow a fairly simple scheme: an early dinner at 17.00, then a break in meals until the next morning and breakfast at 9.00.

For the past three years I have been drinking decaffeinated coffee, but now I have given up on it in favor of Earl Gray tea. Sometimes comebacks happen and I order a cup of coffee, but I drink a couple of sips and realize that this drink does not suit me at all. My nutritional system and nutritional support provide me with strength and energy. You appreciate this healthy state of the body and do not want to change it. For example, now I don't feel like drinking alcohol at all, although before I could have a glass of prosecco at an evening event. Alcohol always affects the body in different ways: sometimes it adds lethargy, sometimes from high spirits it takes you to apathy. You don't want to change your state of health because of him. Nutrients

My nutrient kit is based on the results of four studies - a comprehensive check-up, a genetic test and a genetic skin passport, and a study on food intolerances. The doctors' council analyzed all the results and brought them together into a single picture. Thanks to nutritional support, I came to perfect health and even perfect shape - 2.5 kilograms were gone without any effort.

I took a complex of essential amino acids for a month: such a course restores and stimulates the collagen assembly process. This protein is the basis of the body's connective tissue, provides its strength and elasticity. To preserve the beauty of my skin, hair and nails, the doctors also prescribed KWC Marine Japanese Collagen to me. And in order to increase the absorption of collagen, I added Ester C capsules with vitamin C. To maintain immunity, as well as to restore the process of transporting water to the epidermis (this helps to solve problems with dry skin), I drink triple omega-3 during meals. Taking alpha lipoic acid in the morning and taking a coenzyme Q-10 capsule during lunch can help support the antioxidant system. The doctors recommended a long six-month course. Nourkrin Woman helps to take care of the beauty and health of hair, to increase the duration of its growth phase. According to trichologists, the secret is to increase the level of complex proteins, proteoglycans. With the onset of autumn, I add beta-carotene (the precursor of vitamin A) and vitamin E to my nutritional diet. The natural antidepressant 5-HTP helps to normalize sleep and mood. As part of oxytriptan, an amino acid that is a precursor of serotonin ("the hormone of happiness"). Vitamin D at a dosage of 10,000 IU is a must-have for a Petersburg woman.

Mental health

An important point is reading literature on neuroscience, neuropsychology, emotional intelligence, and well-being. Practical cases from books teach you to be aware of what is happening in your life, to understand how our brain works, to apply in practice specific ways of managing energy, emotions and health. From the last read I highly recommend “The way we work doesn't work. Proven Ways to Manage Life Energy "by renowned business coach Tony Schwartz," Transcend. Nine steps towards eternal life "by futurologist Ray Kurzweil and MD Terry Grossman," Think slowly … Decide quickly "by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, a wonderful manual on the methodology of thinking by Andrey Vladimirovich Kurpatov" A fold of time ".

For the development of thinking, I consider it very important to read fiction, and I also write stories myself. One of the books that helps to think about the important: Dmitry Likhacheva “Thoughts about life. Letters about good."

Digital detox helps me to get rid of accumulated stress.

I recently returned from an Italian vacation, the first half of which I spent in constant correspondence, the second - with practically no access to my mobile. The difference in sensations was dramatic. One day a week without a phone is the most effective means of psychological relief. Now at the resort, we even give guests bonus procedures if they decide to give up their phone during the programs. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to feel freedom from the constant flow of information.

A serious component of psychological health is family relationships, relationships with children. My husband and I go to meetings with a wonderful child psychologist, and they become very useful. Building the correct family architecture provides a significant psychological boost. And now I am actively working in this very plane: I want to make every family member feel harmonious in it, so that their needs are taken into account.

We often hear about psychosomatics - that our psychological state is reflected in the body, leading to the development of diseases. I am confident in the feedback as well - physiology also affects our emotional well-being.

Through the body, we can change psychology. For example, based on my personal experience, we introduced a Body & mind wellbeing massage course at the resort - if during a period of acute stress to massage the feet, hands and head along the reflex points, this gives an excellent relaxation effect. Breathing exercises also help a lot. By knowing how to breathe correctly, you can effectively manage your emotions. For example, before a large-scale conference in Moscow, I was seriously nervous - for the first time I was in such a large hall with serious world speakers. But the thirty-second breathing practice helped to remove the anxiety at the physiological level. And you can use it anywhere.

And, of course, I'm sure that when you solve health problems, move and eat properly, then most of the mental problems simply disappear. You get rid of irritability, fill with the right energy and feel at the maximum of your capabilities. All dietary supplements mentioned in the article are not a drug.

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