Mikhail Boyarsky And His Family Took Root In "Sputnik V"

Mikhail Boyarsky And His Family Took Root In "Sputnik V"
Mikhail Boyarsky And His Family Took Root In "Sputnik V"

Video: Mikhail Boyarsky And His Family Took Root In "Sputnik V"

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Video: ВСЯ ПРАВДА ПРО 《СПУТНИК V》 2023, January

People's Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Boyarsky, his wife, artistic director of the Lensovet Theater Larisa Luppian and their son, State Duma deputy from United Russia Sergei Boyarsky were vaccinated against coronavirus infection with the domestic vaccine Sputnik V. Sergei Boyarsky told about this to his subscribers on the social network.


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The politician, who was not sick with COVID-19, got himself vaccinated in Moscow, where he works.

“After the first dose, there was a slight malaise for 48 hours, drowsiness, weakness, temperature up to 37.5 in the evenings, but this did not interfere with work, I just missed a couple of sports workouts, then everything disappeared like a hand. The second dose, 21 days after the first, suffered no symptoms at all,”said Sergei Boyarsky.

Three weeks after the second dose, he did a blood test for antibodies, the value of which turned out to be "almost the maximum possible", which indicates the development of immunity to the coronavirus and protection from the disease.

“My parents were also recently vaccinated with Sputnik V in St. Petersburg, there was no reaction at all to both doses of the vaccine, they felt good, there were no antibody results yet,” said Sergei Boyarsky.

He added that he intends to do an antibody test every quarter, "to observe the dynamics."

We will remind, earlier the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that a third of the State Duma deputies had been ill with coronavirus, two parliamentarians died.

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