A Clinic Of Unique Methods Of Treatment Opened In Izhevsk - Rambler / Female

A Clinic Of Unique Methods Of Treatment Opened In Izhevsk - Rambler / Female
A Clinic Of Unique Methods Of Treatment Opened In Izhevsk - Rambler / Female

Video: A Clinic Of Unique Methods Of Treatment Opened In Izhevsk - Rambler / Female

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A clinic of unique treatment methods was opened in Izhevsk

News Agency "Susanin" January 21, 2021

For thousands of years, oriental medicine has been proving the effectiveness of traditional methods of healing.”Acupuncture came to us from the Celestial Empire, and with it the concept of“Yin”and“Yang”balance. In the East, with the help of needles, they restore the Chi energy circulating in a person, without introducing anything superfluous into the body. From time immemorial, they believe that in the universe, as in a single organism, everything is connected. People travel thousands of kilometers to China to touch the ancient system of treatment.

In the Origitea clinic, they learned to combine the Chinese traditions of healing and the methods of Western medicine. For 26 years, experts have been helping people lose weight, improve their health, and preserve their natural beauty. Today it is the only clinic in the world that offers the treatment of ailments using author's methods developed by Dr. Mariyat Mukhina. Izhevsk became the third city in Russia after Moscow and Tver, where the Origitea branch appeared. Since January 16, its doors are officially open to patients in the October business center. Now residents of Izhevsk do not need to travel abroad to try the medicine of the East on themselves.

"Golden needle" of health and harmony Doctor of Medical Sciences, neurologist, dermatocosmetologist, reflexologist, nutritionist Mariyat Mukhina has developed and patented a non-drug method of healing the body with a special tool through active points on the human body. The peculiarity is that the acupuncture procedure is carried out with the "Golden Needle". It has special clamps, attachments that massage reflex points and thereby affect the brain, organs and systems, causing responses.

With the help of such a needle, in combination with other unique non-drug methods and tools of Dr. Mukhina, it is possible to fight more than 280 diseases - hypertension, obesity, osteochondrosis, sciatica, patients get rid of allergies, migraines, pressure problems, cope with stress more easily. In addition, the clinic operates programs to get rid of tobacco and alcohol addiction.

“Many diseases cannot be cured with drugs, and drug therapy has many complications. As a result of long-term treatment, a person may become disabled from the drugs themselves.

Mariyat Mukhina MD, PhD, neurologist, dermatocosmetologist, reflexologist, nutritionist

One of the main functions of the "Golden Needle" is to teach the patient's body not to overeat and quickly get rid of excess weight. Sometimes it is enough to massage the injection point, and the feeling of hunger disappears. In the case of women, the needle can serve not only as a way to activate the work of organs in order to lose weight, but also as an additional decoration - medical piercing. So, to reduce appetite, needles are implanted into the ear tragus, where biologically active points are located, which are responsible for the feeling of satiety. They form a healing channel that has a beneficial effect on the entire body. The choice of ladies is provided with needles in the form of earrings in various price categories. For men, they are implanted under the skin. Note that the "Golden Needle" has a registration certificate and is patented even in China. According to the lawyer Oleg Kulagin, over the years of work, the method has shown its effectiveness and safety, but faced the problem of counterfeit - when they try to copy it without the knowledge of know-how and training.

All innovative technologies offered to the residents of Izhevsk by the doctors of the clinic are the methods of official medicine.More than 100,000 patients from Moscow, Tver, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Makhachkala, Ufa and other cities of Russia have tried them for more than 25 years of the clinic's existence. Now these methods have become available in Izhevsk as well.

“In general, I am always in favor of treatment without drugs, because I believe that the body is a unique machine that can cope on its own for very many years, the only thing is to start this car correctly.

Angelica Bondarenko director of the Origitea clinic in Izhevsk

A trip to China prompted the idea of ​​inviting Dr. Mukhina to Udmurtia. After undergoing treatment in hospitals in China, having tested catgut therapy on herself, Angelica Bondarenko was inspired by oriental technologies. In order to bring the unique developments of Dr. Mukhina to Izhevsk, the doctors of the Demed medical center underwent training at the branch of the Beijing Institute in Moscow.

“I watched Mariyat's work for a long time, but I just didn't know how to get to her. And now it all happened by accident, we learned and now we accept patients.

Angelica Bondarenko director of the Origitea clinic in Izhevsk

Today the clinic can boast of its first successes. “We have very good results in catgut therapy, patients have stones coming out of their kidneys, crushing and coming out, without surgery. There have already been several such cases,”added the director of the Origitea clinic in Izhevsk.

Catgut therapy Many people want to lose weight and correct their figure flaws. In the modern world, overweight problems are more relevant than ever. Therefore, one of the main directions of the exclusive methodology of Dr. Mukhina is to reduce the patient's appetite, and therefore to lose weight. The doctor proved that you can reach the desired weight without lying on the surgeon's table and without torturing yourself with exhausting diets. For this, the masters learned how to work with catgut threads.

“As soon as a person gains weight, difficulties appear, even psychological ones. Women come and say that problems have begun in the family, with her husband, and when you start asking her, there is a bunch of concomitant diseases.

Angelica Bondarenko director of the Origitea clinic in Izhevsk

Depending on the problem area, the doctor determines the points, acupuncture meridians, where the thread should be placed. There are hundreds of such points in the human body, and each is responsible for a specific organ and its function. Having determined the necessary ones, the doctor disinfects the injection site. The insertion of threads takes seconds.In China, the technology "Maysian" - implantation of bio-threads, has existed for about 10 thousand years. However, if earlier even horse hair, the protein material of the intestines of cattle, as well as goats and sheep, was implanted under the skin for recovery, now it is a biodegradable and completely absorbable polydioxanone. The procedure is so easy for the patient that it is performed without anesthesia, the only exception is in the case of catgut bandage. Threads 10-15 cm long have a prolonged effect and dissolve up to 6 months, continuing to stimulate the point. Scientists have proven that due to the pulsation at the acupuncture point, a reflex effect on the points is activated, and from the point of view of oriental medicine, the Qi energy circulates.

With the help of a reflex effect, immunity is also strengthened, defense mechanisms are activated, allergies are removed, blood pressure is normalized. Catgut therapy also treats a number of serious diseases - gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue, gynecological problems, prostatitis, skin diseases, arthritis, arthrosis and much more. Thanks to the activation of metabolic processes, the problems of cellulite, dermatitis, eczema are also solved. The cycle consists of several procedures that need to be repeated once a week or once a month. “We have modified technologies, patented our know-how, and we use it not just to influence points prolonged, as it is done in China - we also use it for complete rejuvenation, tissue tightening through active points ", - said Mariyat Mukhina. The threads are intended not only for the body, but also for face lifting, eliminating ptosis of soft tissues. They create a solid framework, strengthening problem areas. After the procedure, the doctors talk about the principles of nutrition, hand over a memo.For additional effect in the clinic, you can buy Dr. Mariyat Mukhina's teas, dietary supplements and phyto-products. Today, many stars of show business use the beauty and health services of Origitei - singer Shura, actor Sergei Zhigunov, TV presenter Angelina Vovk, Soviet actress Larisa Luzhina and a lot others.

Contraindications Acupuncture, like catgut therapy, is allowed for almost everyone. Contraindication is intolerance to injections, epilepsy or convulsive syndrome associated with the body's reaction to the injection. Also, the procedure should be abandoned for people with a high degree of anemia and advanced chronic diseases.

“In the early stages of any disease, acupuncture is great for prevention. Oncology is a contraindication, but in fact, even oncologists are referred to us, because when a pain syndrome arises, so that a person does not use drugs, they first try to remove him with acupuncture.

Mariyat Mukhina MD, PhD, neurologist, dermatocosmetologist, reflexologist, nutritionist

Covid is not so scary as they say about it The new specialization of the clinic has become the prevention of seasonal diseases - influenza, SARS, various allergies, and the coronavirus pandemic has added another direction, which is now available in the capital of Udmurtia - the prevention of covid, as well as rehabilitation after pneumonia and coronavirus …

“Now the most important thing is the activation of immunity. We treat postcoid syndrome, the so-called "long covid tail". For some, the disease is very difficult, with subsequent complications, so they need rehabilitation.

Mariyat Mukhina MD, PhD, neurologist, dermatocosmetologist, reflexologist, nutritionist

Thanks to the rehabilitation program, a person is replenished with vitality, annoying fatigue disappears, post-symptoms are relieved - headaches, shortness of breath, cough. In addition to the work of needles, the course includes ozone therapy, carboxytherapy, and the introduction of vitamin C.

“All the complications that come with COVID-19 are associated with chronic disease. All of this can be brought into remission using our acupuncture methods.

Mariyat Mukhina MD, PhD, neurologist, dermatocosmetologist, reflexologist, nutritionist

Sometimes 1-2 visits are enough to feel significant changes.Note, in 2020, Dr. Mukhina received a gold medal from the Moscow Medical Chamber for her contribution to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The clinic has already accepted 1100 patients for charity, none of whom subsequently fell ill with covid.

About children Today, the Moscow clinic is developing the direction of pediatrics. So far, they are working with children as part of the Open Heart charity project. Doctors provide free assistance to children with cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases. According to Mariyat Mukhina, good results are observed in children with cerebral palsy, logoneuroses, enuresis. In Izhevsk so far only adults are accepted.

The joint project Origitea opened on the second floor of the Demed multidisciplinary center in the Oktyabr business center. Thanks to such cooperation, citizens can receive comprehensive assistance in one place. All Demeda doctors have completed training courses at the Origitea Clinic's training center, as well as at the Chinese Medicine Association.

Initially, the innovation center was engaged in professional examinations of drivers. Then cosmetology developed. Today, Demed employs a neurologist, reflexologist, ophthalmologist, ENT, occupational pathologist, and cosmetologist. Since February, the direction of aesthetic gynecology will be launched there - with the help of a fractional laser, the problems of prolapse of the pelvic organs, involuntary urination will be solved. procedures to reflexotherapists. Residents can pass complex tests, undergo laboratory diagnostics, high-quality skin care procedures, detox programs: "For you, Olivier!", "Guilty mimosa", "Alcoholic remorse" "Excessive under a fur coat", "Crab shame "," Fruit overdose "and others.

“We have a very large base for medical examinations, there are many women who also want to receive high-quality cosmetic procedures, so there will be many clients.

Ekaterina Bushmakina general director of the medical center "Demed"

Note that men are also expected at the clinic.

Address: BC "October", street 10 years of October, 57 Clinic website: izh-demed.ru There are contraindications, consultation with a specialist is required. License to carry out medical activities LO-18-01-002837 of 12/30/2019

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