February - Cancer Fight Month

February - Cancer Fight Month
February - Cancer Fight Month

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February can rightfully be considered the month of the fight against cancer. This month has two main dates in the medical calendar - this is World Cancer Day (February 4), as well as the International Day of Children with Cancer (February 15). The goal of the whole month is to raise awareness of cancer as one of the worst diseases of the modern world. According to WHO statistics, cancer ranks second in mortality after cardiovascular disease.


Every year in February, the Association of Cancer Patients "Hello" holds a solemn ceremony of presenting the "Let's Live!" Award. This event takes place in the Kremlin, which further draws the attention of the general public to the challenges facing our society - to fight cancer.

“The most outstanding doctors, legends of oncology, who stood at the origins of the oncological service, entered the Kremlin stage. Medical organizations, patients, and public figures also became laureates. All nominees were selected by popular vote,”said Irina Borovova, President of the Association of Cancer Patients“Hello”.

According to Irina Borova, the emphasis is now on prophylactic medical examination of the healthy population, on motivating the population to undergo screenings. During the pandemic, medical examination programs were curtailed to avoid the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Now they are gradually returning to these programs.

“But there is a fear that in the next two years we will have advanced stages of malignant diseases. I appeal to everyone now - listen to your condition, if you have a sharp weight loss, impotence, a change in health, you do not need to wait for prophylactic medical examination, contact a doctor as soon as possible,”Irina Borovova urges.

The educational project "Oncopatrul" also continues its work. This project is aimed at preserving the health of the population of our country and reducing mortality from oncology due to the early detection of oncological diseases. And in 2020, a talent competition among cancer patients “Life Goes On” was launched. Many doctors confirm that creativity has a positive effect on the patient's condition and his general attitude, helps to cope with severe stress and get through difficult periods in life. The project helps people diagnosed with cancer to realize themselves, as well as to show everyone that everyone has talents, regardless of the disease. The pharmaceutical company Novartis acts as a partner in many events and campaigns aimed at combating cancer.


“We are working hard not only to develop innovative drugs for the treatment of cancer, but also to make the life of patients facing cancer better. That is why platforms that allow us to bring benefit to the patient community, support both physically and emotionally are in the focus of our attention. Our company always supports the efforts of patient organizations, including to draw attention to the problems of breast cancer and those really large-scale efforts that both the patient and his doctor make on the way to recovery, "says Olga Meletova, head of the Novartis business unit. Oncology".

According to Irina Borova, the final of the Life Goes on contest will take place in the spring. The star jury will announce the results. The project was supported by Stas Mikhailov, Denis Klyaver, Oleg Roy, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Maxim Zavidia, singer Polina, Nikas Safronov and others.

Also in 2020, the Association "Hello", together with Oleg Roy, launched a charity event "A Thousand Books - A Thousand Smiles", thanks to which children who are now struggling with malignant tumors received books by a famous writer as a gift

The President of the Association shared that the patient community is not going to stop there. In 2021, no less ambitious work will be carried out to inform the population and to draw attention to such a problem as cancer.

Author: Antonina Artalevskaya

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