Malysheva Injured Her Leg

Malysheva Injured Her Leg
Malysheva Injured Her Leg

Video: Malysheva Injured Her Leg

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Doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva received a leg injury. She announced this to her subscribers in Instagram stories.

Malysheva posted a picture of her injured left leg taken in a car. It can be seen that the limb is in a knee brace. According to her, in this form she was driving home

I have a cruciate ligament tear. I’ll lie,”she said.

However, as she herself said, she will not be allowed to lie down for a long time, since on this day she will be filmed.

Earlier reported that Elena Malysheva told which category of people is most susceptible to death from coronavirus. The specialist noted that COVID-19 has "not a woman's face." According to the celebrity, numerous medical studies confirm this idea. The worst coronavirus is in men, and they are more likely to die from this disease than women. The difference, as the doctor explained, is in the sex chromosomes.

At the same time, men over 50 should pay close attention to their health, Elena Malysheva warned. She listed the diseases for which the stronger sex should not be delayed with vaccination. And family members can contribute to this, the doctor made it clear.

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