The First Grappling Tournament At DGU

The First Grappling Tournament At DGU
The First Grappling Tournament At DGU

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“The first university tournament gathered a lot of participants - 130 people, such a number of athletes promises interesting games. We are interested in more athletes among our students. At the university, the annual tradition is to hold a sports day among freshmen. Recently, the women's and men's volleyball teams won in the student league of the republic, - says the rector of DSU Murtazali Rabadanov. - The Ministry of Sports of Dagestan is interested in replenishing the number of grapplers in the region, and DSU students have become champions of Russia and the Olympic Games more than once. The competition will allow, first of all, to make friends, to get to know each other in their course, in other faculties. Finding the best among the best is the result of any competition."

Grappling is a relatively young sport in Dagestan, but it is gaining more and more followers: 130 students out of the declared 200 passed the weigh-in and were allowed to compete.

“Such tournaments allow to unite students, demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Sport does not interfere with academic achievement, on the contrary, it teaches concentration and composure,”says Abdujalil Adilov, senior coach of the Russian national grappling team. - Young athletes who have become prize-winners in sporting events more than once participate. The main goal of the competition is to attract people to sports from an early age. Going in for sports unites people and directs young people in the right direction, gives a person the opportunity to express himself correctly”.

For students, the tournament is an opportunity to test their strength, the fight will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the technique, the coach said. One of the organizers of the tournament, the Healthy Generation sports association, plans to hold large-scale interuniversity grappling competitions.

Weight categories, approved at the tournament 62, 66, 71, 77, 84, 92, 92+, made young athletes "sweat" pretty much to keep within the stated norm.

“Grappling is the ability to force the enemy to surrender using painful effects on the joints of the arms and legs or suffocation,” says Ramazan Amaev, a third-year student of the Faculty of Economics. “In battles, experience is important, and experience is gained in fights. The trainings were intensified, but I didn't have to drive the weight. The weight race is the most difficult, even 5-6 kg is hard for the body: stress and exhaustion before the contractions."

The contractions took place from 10 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch and rest to gain strength and think over the technique.

“We decided to show ourselves, our abilities. I trained hard, but I didn't have to lift the weight - for the 84 kg weight category I am underweight. Three fights were successful for me, I have been involved in sports since childhood, the fights were not difficult - I won all three fights ahead of schedule,”says Ramazan Batalov, a 2nd year student of the legal course.

After fierce battles, the best grapplers of DGU were determined. Winners and prize-winners were awarded with cups, diplomas and medals.

In the 62 kg category the best was Adam Aliskantov. In the category 66 kg - Magomedov Akhmed, 71 kg - Kurbanov Akhmed, 77 kg - Javadov Zamir, 84 kg - Saidov Gamzat, 92 kg - Magomedov Imanmagomed, 92+ kg - Bazaev Akhmed.

DGU students-athletes traditionally demonstrate success in sports. The university already has one champion of Russia and the world in grappling - a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the DSU Zaur Asukov.

The organizers of the tournament are DaggosUniversity, the Ministry of Sports of Dagestan, the Healthy Generation sports association and the Universal Fighters network of fighting clubs.

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