"Whoever Wants To Play Cards With Life May Not Be Vaccinated." Vaccination Against Coronavirus Continues In Moscow

"Whoever Wants To Play Cards With Life May Not Be Vaccinated." Vaccination Against Coronavirus Continues In Moscow
"Whoever Wants To Play Cards With Life May Not Be Vaccinated." Vaccination Against Coronavirus Continues In Moscow

Video: "Whoever Wants To Play Cards With Life May Not Be Vaccinated." Vaccination Against Coronavirus Continues In Moscow

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We took a quick look at the vaccination registration windows at three clinics. In one of the medical institutions in the west of Moscow, in the Kutuzovsky area, on Monday evening there are 12 free slots for Tuesday, 19 for Wednesday and 23 for the next Thursday. Approximately the same alignment in a randomly selected clinic in the north of Moscow. In another clinic, in Chertanovo, there are even more free gaps for the coming days. On Thursday, for example, 30 more slots.


The priority for vaccination is doctors, teachers, social workers; from Monday, sellers, employees of public service centers and cultural institutions can also be vaccinated. We asked those who belong to these categories, but are in no hurry to vaccinate, what are the reasons? This is what Yulia Petrova, director of the Museum of Russian Impressionism, says.

Yulia Petrova Director of the Museum of Russian Impressionism “On the one hand, of course, it is very gratifying that museum employees were included in the list of those who have the primary right to be vaccinated. On the other hand, I would like to leave the choice to each employee whether he will be vaccinated or not. There is a lot of talk about the vaccine now, and there are reasons to both want to be vaccinated and be afraid to be among the first. I'm still thinking, I'll take care of it in the near future."

Irina, a teacher at one of the capital's schools, is not going to get vaccinated yet.

“I do not fall into the 60+ category and, most likely, I have already had a mild illness at work in the fall. Recent tests have shown that I have antibodies. So far, no one is forcibly talking about vaccination, but many teachers today are not ready to sign up for vaccination for various reasons. It is not yet possible to predict how vaccinations might affect health."

As the practice of some listeners of Business FM shows, those who do not belong to priority groups can often take root in the capital even now. Doctors defrost a block with five doses of vaccine at once and sometimes have to look for those who will be injected. In the Moscow region, a vaccination record was opened for everyone, regardless of profession. True, unlike Moscow, those who wish to be vaccinated are first tested there for the presence of antibodies.

What arguments for vaccination are given by those already vaccinated? Denis Samsonov, host of the Summa Technologies program on Business FM, is speaking.

- I can say that organizationally all this is very simple: from the entry on the mos.ru website to the injection in the shoulder, two hours pass - and you are already vaccinated. From the point of view of medical efficiency, I still cannot say anything "for" or "against". But I have not noticed any negative consequences so far.

- Why did you decide to vaccinate?

- Because I believe that the attacking style in this case is more correct. And I, as one of the presenters of the radio station Business FM, lead a very active lifestyle. I am extremely uncomfortable with the need to constantly fear for my health. I chose to take on the possibly existing, but relatively small, risk of vaccination in order to continue to lead my professional life as I was accustomed to.

Doctor - obstetrician-gynecologist of the National Center named after Kulakov Nikolay Bolibok.

Nikolay Bolibok, obstetrician-gynecologist of the National Center named after Kulakov “Specifically, everything went perfectly fine for me, there were no side effects. I have no regrets at all, because I work with patients whose status is unknown, whether they are infected or not. Therefore, somehow less scary, or something. There are known risk groups - everything around diabetes, overweight. This is from the fact that it is really bad.Or who has already had vascular events - heart attacks, strokes - the covid infection itself provokes repeated events. The potential harm from a vaccine is not the same as from an infection. In specific risk groups, this adenoviral carrier will not cause these events, but a real covid will cause them. Accordingly, risk groups are obligatory, and everyone else who wants to play cards with life need not be vaccinated."

Mass vaccinations began in the United States on Monday. Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have previously pledged to be vaccinated publicly to boost American confidence in the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Gamaleya Center released fresh data on the Sputnik V vaccine trials. The effectiveness of the vaccine was 91.4% after 21 days from the moment the volunteers received the first component of the drug. The conclusions were made based on the data obtained at the last, control point of the study. The effectiveness against severe cases of COVID-19 was 100% at all.

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