Do Russians Have An Alternative To Sputnik V?

Do Russians Have An Alternative To Sputnik V?
Do Russians Have An Alternative To Sputnik V?

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Foreign countries are actively pre-ordering the American Pfizer vaccine. It is too early to talk about large shipments of an American drug to Russia: for now, the company is only considering the possibility of filing an application for registration in the country. Vaccine supplies from BioNTech and Pfizer are currently being distributed within the framework of the signed government agreements, the press service of the company said.

But Tatyana Solomatina, a member of the State Duma's Health Protection Committee, says that it is already possible to get vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine at the Moscow branch of the Israeli Hadassah clinic based on Skolkovo. The service, according to her, is paid. Representatives of the medical cluster deny this. The clinic is only negotiating, but according to the law, it is possible to use drugs and technologies that are not registered in Russia, but registered in OECD countries, the press service of the medical center said. But the deputy Tatyana Solomatina insists on her innocence. Here's what she told Business FM.

- I just accidentally said yesterday, emotionally, that I was offered an offer to be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. I refused, because it was unnecessary for me, but I know that many of my acquaintances have already taken root.

- It turns out that Pfizer is present in Moscow now, for money you can.

- For money - yes. At least I had such information. But yesterday representatives of this clinic said no, they do not vaccinate. At least I received such an offer. I never deceived anyone. I didn't even think that this was some kind of illegal action and that Pfizer was not in the country.

- You had the opportunity to be vaccinated, why did you refuse?

- I am physically in the Tomsk region, and I have no opportunity to wait until I arrive in Moscow. Therefore, I am vaccinated there, I waited a very long time for permission for Sputnik V for people over 60. I am 60+, calmly went and instilled myself and my mother, who is deeply over 80.

Now on the territory of Russia, only one foreign vaccine is officially used - the Chinese CanSino Biologics, and then as part of the third stage of testing.

The mass vaccination with Pfizer in Israel began on December 20. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the first to be vaccinated. The contract with Pfizer provides for the supply of 4 million doses of the vaccine to Israel, and so far only 1.8 million people have been vaccinated in the country. With a sufficient amount of vaccine in the country, it is administered only to Israeli citizens at risk.

It will not work to come to the country and get vaccinated privately: local authorities monitor the movement of the vaccine very strictly, says Mark Katzenelson, chairman of the Israeli Medical Tourism Association IMT. At the same time, he notes that there are reports of a possible smuggling of the drug through Israel to Ukraine.

- I will be very surprised if Hadassah in Israel brings a vaccine to Hadassah in Skolkovo, because our task in the state is to vaccinate the maximum number of its citizens, and not vaccinate foreigners. This, I hope, will be discussed in March, when more than 70% of the local population of Israel will be vaccinated, but now it’s very surprising to me. Only elderly Israelis are vaccinated, going down from the older generation, and primarily the older generation and the medical staff. Vaccination is done free of charge, everything is very strict. Moreover, we know that Pfizer only sells the vaccine to states. That is, it is impossible to get vaccinated to Israel. But those foreigners who are now in Israel - foreign workers, medical tourists undergoing long-term treatment, diplomatic staff - will be able to get vaccinated according to their age, and it will be free. But it's impossible to come and get vaccinated.And, perhaps, even because the state now does not allow foreigners to enter just like that. You need a special invitation from the Israeli Migration Service, which is issued only for very significant reasons.

- And if you mean the possible smuggling?

- If it happens, then only from state institutions. There are several factors here. Firstly, our Ministry of Health has not opened any investigation, because there are absolutely no complaints about the theft of the vaccine. Second, this vaccine is very difficult to transport, because it needs to be stored at minus 70 degrees. Also, this vaccine has a small percentage of side effects and should only be done in public health facilities. We have an assumption about this high-profile scandal in Ukraine, that they simply took empty used jars, poured some kind of saline solution into it, and redirected the empty jars to Ukraine.

Earlier, the office of the President of Ukraine reported that the Ministry of Health signed a contract for the supply of almost 2 million doses of the Chinese vaccine, the first batch will be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2021. Also, the Ukrainian company "Lekhim" announced that it has entered into an agreement on the supply of 5 million doses of the Chinese vaccine in the first half of 2021.

A week ago, the Obozrevatel portal wrote that a private clinic in Kiev vaccinates representatives of the local elite with Pfizer vaccine. According to the publication, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, a number of Rada deputies, businessmen and even participants in Vladimir Zelensky's former project “Quarter 95” were secretly instilled with an American drug for almost 3 thousand euros.

The portal "" in a large investigation said that businessman Roman Goldman could have started the smuggling. In Ukraine, he has his own medical tourism firm in Israel. On his social networks, there are photos of stars, whom he helped in treatment. Among them are Stas Mikhailov, Valery Meladze and even Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. As Goldman himself said, he has known the president since the days of his humorous career.

This publication may be another political stuff, says independent Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Slivny.

Dmytro Slivnyi independent Ukrainian journalist “If there were no investigation, then it should have been invented, because, like everything in short supply, it appears first on the black market. If there is demand, then there will be supply. Regarding clandestine vaccines, I heard that it was possible to get vaccinated, but it was all considered a rumor. And here the telephone conversations are recorded, as I understand it, they have already called this clinic, which has been delivered underground, and in general it is not clear how these vaccines got here. There is a certain clinic, by calling which you can make an appointment with the doctor, and the doctor will explain the situation to you in person. That is, naturally, no one offers any vaccines by phone. But I suspect that if the information came into wide use, then it should be at least hundreds of doses. And if there are rumors that the elite have taken root and prepared vaccinations for their relatives, then why not? But there are rumors that many characters of the Ukrainian political establishment, without naming names, have taken root, there are no official reports. You see, even if it was a placebo, I think the establishment will not forgive that."

Earlier, Zelensky instructed to check reports on the illegal import of the drug into the country.

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